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Redigeret 9. maj 2023

We had a bumpy start, then we were then okay for 3 months plus. However the limitations of this app are frustrating in exchange for the premium nature. I have decided to move due to unresolved issues again, i wanted to do so before the next payment date: they supplied the incorrect information to move providers, the app is being very glitchy and i find support underwhelming.

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Redigeret 13. oktober 2022

[Semipro] Documentations are helpful, customer support is helpful but can be irresponsible or coercive sometimes. Once their CEO made phone call to me and referred to my private human relationships inbetween technical issues, that was really objectionable and my stress level rapidly raised. there was almost no obstacles from the design to publish. but there was one problem, after they published my app, app icon size in some Android device was bit smaller than other app icons. I asked then and gave them fixed design data, but they couldn’t fix this problem after twice of update. I think their developers are missing some necessary skills to control app icon size. so I can say that there can be some cases that your design will not be implemented as it intended. and that can damage your brand image, but app itself is native and works fine just not excellent, and subscription cost is not that expensive compared to similar solutions. so overall, Shopney is a option for those looking for cheap and sufficient quality. After they published my app, Firebase console and Google analytics console stopped working for me. I found a trace in the log that analytics property was trashed in the dustbin by Shopney account. There was no data found in the property even after I restored it. I guess they gave up implementation of new version of analytics tag, but they didn't tell my anything about this problem in Google analytics . They said they have successfully implemented it before publishing the app, but probably they were trying to conceal their failure or show fake report to fool me. Anyhow, they still haven't fixed it. Very bad impression overall.

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23. januar 2022

wonderful design better than all other apps, but doesn't work with zip code limitation or delivery slots :(

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