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Divahairdeals Store

They tell the customers that there is a "FREE" package to try the app, but there is NO FREE PACKAGE at all. You have to literally have only 0-20 products existing in your store at the time of app install or else you are permanently stricken from using the "FREE" package and automatically set up for an 11.99$/mo package or higher.

I also spoke with their support team and confirmed this..

Greatest Dealz Co Za

I had promised to review my rating after 72 hr unfortunately nothing has since changed provided shopping feeder gets there money. They really add no value . They are unable to even respond to an email OR say go jump. They are always quick to provide you with lip service as to what they can do or have achieved via telephone if you are lucky to get that. I have been promised responses and emails both verbally and on text and yet nothing! I am of the strong belief that shopping feeder i grossly understaffed or they dont know what they are doing or they dont value our business They can and are good to promise heaven and earth but i ca assure you this they are unable to organise a pissup in a brewery and they are not ashamed of it and will not apologies for it! They claim to be a google partner and are able to set up your campaigns in three months or so.... we have been with them for that period and to be frank we dont know if we are Arthur or marther and yet they ask us to keep increasing the marketing budget .... When you ask Henri to put this commitment in witting one has a better chance of seeing the ghost of Christmas past than a commitment in writing. You ask for simple explanations they are unable to give this to you! luckly we have all the emails to back all this up and if the app would allow for a negative rating minus 10000 wouldn't be a fair rating at all. My suggestion is stay away from these smooth talkers unless you have money to burn or you are known in certain circles. we will share this on all platforms possible as this is daylight robbery and if anyone from shopping feeder can challenge this i am happy to show all our distatesful experience. #DONOT US SHOPPING FEEDER!

Beanbone Online

It did not worked well and I used another software. Slow, no cancellation option in menu and working out of Shopify system.

Squishy Bambinos

by far the most confusing and unfunctional google shoping data feeder. I tried installing this on a regular hp laptop and the website was not responsive to my laptop which is rediculous considering its not a mac or mobile, pretty sure all apps whether it be web or not is formatted to function and be user friendly. This is by far the worst app ive every used. Was on for not even a minute and got frustrated solely based on the interface layout.

Houseofdogs No

WARNING: This app continues to charge you even if you delete it from your shop! It looked fine on the first shop, because we got help to set it up. BUT! We got second shop and did not get help to set the app the second time, the app is rather incomprehensive, so you will need help to set it up, and if they don't help you, you are stuck. So, finally after several weeks of trying to get help, we deleted the app and found another one. BUT: It is still charging you for the app! And they are not answering on emails, and there is no possibility to delete your account in the app.


They are responsive. However, no matter how hard I was told they were fighting on my behalf, my products are not getting the expected result. After the $50 setup fee and monthly fee for a couple of month, I actually see less products of mine showing up on google shopping. It is frustrating.

Ballistic Deals

I've never left a negative review on anything; these guys had to go REALLY out of their way to convince me to do so.

Looking past their extremely sluggish and unhelpful customer service and the fact that BY DEFAULT they sign you up for the $200+ MONTHLY plan WITHOUT PERMISSION OR WARNING I decided that ShoppingFeeder would be the best solution to supply my shopping feed to a VERY well known website in the United States.

After DAYS of politely going back and forth with ShoppingFeeder they elected to make a political statement and refused to allow me to use their service because the website that we would be feeding also contains firearms... Now, you as the reader and possible customer deserve to know that we sell absolutely zero weapons of any kind, no guns, no knifes and no ammunition; ShoppingFeeder themselves even acknowledge this.

I fundamentally disagree with their stance but I also recognize that they ultimately do have a right to refuse service to whomever they choose. With that being said, their SHADY and intentional practice of signing people up on a $200+ plan by default coupled with their poor customer service and lack of even basic transparency leaves me no choice but to leave this review.

Had they been upfront from day one with their political stance and the fact that they couldn't separate politics from business and I would have gladly moved on and saved everyone involved significant time.

Thanks for wasting my time ShoppingFeeder!

Edit: I've been taking a look at their other reviews and just noticed that at least three of their highly positive reviews are word for word the same review. Suspicious? I know I found it interesting to say the least...

Spiked Pearl

BIGGEST THING...little to no support. Email them with questions and they do not really answer, but avoid your question. Give you links to directions that don't work and then make up directions as they go. I asked for phone support as I noticed I was not going anywhere. They ignored my question. After dealing with this for days and BEGGING for support, we uninstalled because the hassle is not worth it.

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