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22. November 2018

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7. Februar 2019

i used this app to help me working in my buisness, i really like it , it would be nice if it did better

Fashion Law
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7. Februar 2019

no puedo actualizar mis preferencias porque te obliga a instalar otra aplicacion que impide la actualizacion.

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Bearbeitet am 13. August 2019

You cannot modify font size. you cannot modify what is said as to who and where the customer came front. You should be able to remove the country if you want. not being able to do so causes the text to be truncated on the popup because there is to much text for the size of the popup. you also cannot remove the part that tells you how long ago the customer purchased the product.

2 stars because the app seems to work, not 5 stars because you cannot customize.

Boston Spice
Vereinigte Staaten
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30. Juli 2020

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Sonderverwaltungsregion Hongkong
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Sales POP! hat geantwortet 30. Juli 2020

Hi - we would love to get feedback from you. We reached out via email :)

9. September 2018

The app is easily installed and has a clear walk-through for setting up and customizing popups according to preference.

Kids NewLand
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24. November 2018

They are making me write this review before I can use the app. This review has to be 100 characters long.

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