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2 maj 2023

i canceled this a year ago and you guy have stole my money for over a year! refund me now!@ this app was not even on for over one year! please advise

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Sales POP! svarade 3 maj 2023

Hi there, thanks for leaving your feedback. The app is usage based and needs your approval to charge you, after installation. You also had the app installed over 2 years since July 13, 2020 and have been sent email reminders within your 90 day free trial, to have you reminded that you'll be charged at the end of the trial.

Your review doesn't reflect true to what we're seeing on our end, and I'm sorry that you felt this way. We've responded to your personal email, and are happy to follow up with you to provide more clarity on the situation with our proof from Shopify's Partners dashboard and our email communications with you since July 2020.

5 september 2022

I disabled this app back in 2020 and I have been getting charged since then after nit using the app.

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4 april 2022

I disabled this app but was charged for the subscription without my authorization. It's done nothing for me and brought in 0 impressions. When I contacted supported about this, I had to wait almost 20 min per reply and now the rep named Muhammed is away in the middle of our conversation. Very unprofessional! Not recommended! I want a refund asap

Card Envy
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Sales POP! svarade 4 april 2022

Update April 21, 2022: The refund was processed immediately after the store owner reached out. Unfortunately, they closed the store and no longer have access to their Shopify account.

To clarify, we're unable to charge any store without their authorization. They had subscribed to our 7-day trial, and when they didn't cancel, the paid subscription began.

For questions or concerns regarding your plan, reach out at salespop@cartkit.com - We're available 24/7 :)


Hi there! Thank you for the review.

This is Muhammad from the Support Team.

My sincerest apologies for the ordeal, we faced delay with our chat app as my shift had ended, and once my colleague started his, the chat was not sent over to him.

We had already initiated a refund process and came across your review just now. We do not intend to cause any dissatisfaction.

In regards to the subscription, we have no issues refunding the amount and have clarified it both over chat and email, and my colleague has sent you an email confirming if you'd like to proceed with the refund.

Please do respond to the email when able so that we may process the refund.

Support Team.

Redigerat 14 februari 2023

We contacted the support team in April 2022 about an issue with the review pop ups showing the incorrect city of almost all customers. It shows only one city, which is the one our business is based at. Imagine visitors seeing all such review pop ups with the same city. Wouldn't they feel suspicious of those reviews possibly being all fake, while they are in fact, all valid?
This issue has been ongoing and unresolved, despite us having contacted the support team since April 2022.
We granted collaborator access in April 2022. According to Shopify, no one has logged on to look at our issue since then.
We're very disappointed in the extremely poor customer service. Very unprofessional.

Visual You / LOKISA
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Sales POP! svarade 19 november 2021

Feb 15, 2023. Hi! We are very sorry that this issue hasn't been resolved yet. This is definitely not the quality of service that represents us.

Although not an excuse - we recently went through some changes in the administration as well as with most of the team.

Please know that we have requested our new engineering team to prioritize this issue and we'll be following up closely until solved.

Thank you for your review, Do let us know if you need any further assistance or tips :)


Redigerat 19 juli 2021

I didn't opt for paid plan and have already uninstalled app but they still charged me 29$. Bullshit. Still no progress from app team?

Shop Guage
Tid som ägnats åt att använda appen: 10 dagar
Sales POP! svarade 16 juli 2021

Last update: The refund has been issued, the charge was made after the 7-day trial expired. This has been explained to the store owner but we haven't heard back from them yet.
Update: Hi! We sent an email on July 16 and a follow-up message this morning, July 19. We'll try reaching out again.
Hi there! We apologize if the charge appeared unexpected. The subscription started after your 7-day trial expired. We'll contact you soon to initiate the refund process :)

29 mars 2021

Eu usei ele para testar por 300 pops eles me cobraram 29$
Eu não vi que tinha que selecionar o plano gratuito por ja estava aparecendo que era 0$ mas quando fui ver me cobraram esse absurdo por 300 pops

Aqui Expres
Tid som ägnats åt att använda appen: 22 dagar
Sales POP! svarade 29 mars 2021

Hi! We're very sorry about your experience with POP! Sales Pop. We sent an email and we'd love to hear back from you :)

27 mars 2021

CONSUMER BEWARE! I added this app to my store in hopes for it to boost sales from visitors. Before the trial ended I switched from the $29 monthly plan trial to the free plan because I literally had 0 sales and barely any visitors so I wasn't benefiting from this app. Now I look on my bill and it said I got billed $0 from this app and then another charge from this app for $29. I wish I could add a picture for you guys to see. I'm confused and pissed. DO NOT by any means add this app. It is not for new sellers. It appears that if you go over the 100 views of their plan whether or not it's real people viewing your site they will charge you. Weirdly it said I had ironically 102 views. Why isn't this app setup to be capped at the amount of the plan you picked? I think that's crazy. Our goal is to generate sales from this app. Hoping it influences consumers to buy your product(s) or merchandise. When no sales are even made it's crazy your coming out owing more than you made. Worst app ever and to me I feel like it's a scam. I wished I read the low reviews on this app first before adding it. They've done this to many of us.

Beauty & Bubblez
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Sales POP! svarade 27 mars 2021

Hi! We appreciate your message. We just sent an email to clarify this situation.

The charge was generated after the 7-day trial period expired but we'd love to discuss it with you. Please reach out back! :)

Update 3/30/2021
We've tried to reach this customer several times but haven't been able to. The app was installed on 2/25/2021. The charge was made after the 7 day free trial expired on 3/4/2021. The customer downgraded to the free plan 6 hours after the charge was made.

8 mars 2021

I hired the application in the free mode and was improperly charged! They acted in bad faith and did not return my money.

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Sales POP! svarade 8 mars 2021

Hi! We appreciate your message. We just sent an email to clarify this situation.

The charge was generated after the 7-day trial period expired but we'd love to discuss it with you. Please reach out back! :)

22 oktober 2020

If I could put 0 stars I would.I signed up for the free plan, and the app still charges you WITHOUT YOUR CONSENT ! I exceeded 100view, the application upgrade his plan alone, without warning you !! THIEF ! THIEF ! THIEF ! THIEF !

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Sales POP! svarade 22 oktober 2020

Hi! We just sent an email. The charge was generated after your trial period ended. We look forward to your reply :)

Redigerat 15 september 2020

We have been using this app for months, and as our traffic grew it got ridiculously expensive ($300 per month). That finally pushed me to properly A/B test it - result: Conversion rate is actually higher without it.

Heritage Type Co.
Tid som ägnats åt att använda appen: 12 månader
Sales POP! svarade 15 september 2020

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. We reached out via email :)