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This app is one of the BIGGEST SCAMS on the shopify app store. Customers BEWARE! They will auto upgrade you to plans that are much higher and higher until you hit their enterprise plan of $300 USD/month, then youre paying so much for so little. Even the months you do not use the app, they still charge you. If you are not paying heavy attention everymonth to your shopify billing, and you have this as one of the apps in there, i suggest you take a VERY VERY close look at what they are doing because this doesn't make any sense. I tried reaching out to them and they kept hiding behind a wall of "company policy". The simple thing for them to do for future customers is to REMOVE THE AUTOUPGRADE PLAN feature and replace it with very visible email or notifications that tell customers they have hit a threshold, asking the customers to update if they can

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使用應用程式 11個月
Sales POP! 已回覆 2024年1月31日

Thank you for your feedback!

In SalesPop we make sure everybody is aware of the auto-upgrade feature and we explain it in multiple places to make sure customers are well informed. We introduced this because of our customers being disappointed when they hit the threshold, their pops stops displaying and they missed our emails.
I am very sorry you find this feature useless and you called it a SCAM, however you can easily turn it off in our Pricing page so you are not auto-upgraded automatically. We are very happy to schedule a call and show you how to disable/enable the auto upgrade feature so such thing never happens again.

Kind regards,
Customer Success team


Beware of Misleading Subscription Practices and app which prioritise policies over people.

It's a typical trap with autoupgrade but not autodowngrade and scam. Last year, we engaged Sales Pop for our seasonal business, only to be met with a series of disappointing experiences. Initially attracted by their sales enhancement promises, we found ourselves automatically upgraded to a Premium plan without justification, given our low activity level. This led to an unwelcome surprise: a charge of over USD130, noticed months later due to our seasonal operation (which we agree was our fault).

Upon seeking a refund at least for a charge which was done day before and explanation, we encountered a rigid adherence to policies that were neither clearly communicated at the outset nor reasonable. The customer service, particularly from a representative named Kateryna, was unhelpful, offering only policy jargon and refusing any form of refund based on these policies.

Adding to the frustration, Sales Pop employs a confusing billing cycle through Shopify, which does not align with their own. This discrepancy makes it nearly impossible to act within their narrow three-day refund window, as Shopify's charges can appear significantly later. Moreover, their communication primarily via email, which invariably lands in the spam folder, further hinders any chance of timely action or informed decision-making.

This experience has revealed Sales Pop's billing and communication practices to be not just unfriendly, but seemingly designed to trap businesses into paying for services they do not use or need. The lack of transparency, fairness, and genuine support is stark, making it clear that Sales Pop's practices are misleading and their customer service lacking.

It is likely that Sales Pop will attempt to justify their practices and deflect these criticisms in their reply or say sorry for our experience or that you can turn off autoupgrade in the app (after you noticed you've been charged and billed with no chance for refund) and bla bla bla. They may claim that all policies were disclosed and that it is the responsibility of the user to stay informed. However, this anticipated justification should not distract from the core issue: a lack of transparency and fairness in their billing and communication. Be cautious if you decide to use this app, as their response may try to spin the situation to their favor, but the reality of our experience speaks volumes about their business practices.

I strongly caution against using Sales Pop, especially for small or seasonal businesses. There are other services out there that value transparency and customer support, unlike Sales Pop, which prioritise policies over people.

使用應用程式 4個月
Sales POP! 已回覆 2024年2月19日

We are genuinely sorry that you feel this way, especially when our subscription policy was indeed disclosed from the beginning. We send emails with every upgrade, and the current plan is detailed in our Plans & Pricing section, as well as in your account under the "Invoice" and "Subscription" features, where you can review all charges and the current plan status.

Additionally, in the dashboard, you can monitor the number of sessions.
You have the option to downgrade your plan easily and lock it to prevent future upgrades, by disabling auto upgrade.

We trust our clients to read and manage their accounts with the best judgment, especially when we make every effort to keep them informed from our end.


This app is a scam. Point blank.

They hide a feature called to auto bump you to the next highest plan if you go above the amount of views on your current plan. But those numbers are no where near accurate. I had a day with 0 views on my website but this app is showing 972 views for the same time frame.

I signed up for the $29 a month option. I didn't see the auto update selection was defaulted to on. But I was moved to the $129 a month 30k a month option. I haven't even broke 1k views on my website for the whole year.

Then the FAQ shows you how to cancel, but when I go to that screen, the selection for cancelling shown in the FAQ isn't even an option for me to select.

Save yourself the headache and the scam. Don't.

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使用應用程式 大約1個月
Sales POP! 已回覆 2023年12月6日

Update Dec 12: This situation has been resolved. We are trying to contact the store owner via email but haven't received a reply.
Hi there! We are very sorry to read about your experience with our application. Please know that we'll be reaching out shortly to rectify the situation and clarify any misunderstanding regarding the usage of the app in your store.


I didn't upgrade to pro account, actually downgraded to basic, but it automatically upgraded to pro for 79USD.... I deselected the automatic upgrades. This is ridiculous

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使用應用程式 2個月
Sales POP! 已回覆 2023年11月20日

Update Dec 18, 2023.
We have attempted to contact the store owner multiple times, but have not received a response. We are eager to provide a proper resolution and are currently waiting for their reply.
Hello, We are sorry about this inconvenience, we will be contacting you to resolve this issue immediately.


Disappointed to say the least , i have just noticed this app has been charging us $29 a month and it wasn't even enable, funny how they automatically add you to the paid plan after an apparent free trial that i wasn't aware of. Fine i did get an email that i just noticed by doing a history search, however i find it disappointed and sad that you would charge costumers that don't even enable or use your app. should be ashamed.

使用應用程式 3年多
Sales POP! 已回覆 2023年7月24日

Update 01/08/2023: We reached out a few days ago via email. As you indicated in the review, an email was sent prior to implementing the changes to the account.

However, in acknowledgment of your understanding, we took the initiative to issue a refund for the last charge generated.

Please reach out to our Support Team if you need further assistance ◡̈
Hi! We are sorry about your experience. We'll be reaching out shortly to share more details about the subscription and why these charges were generated.

We'll be in touch.


i canceled this a year ago and you guy have stole my money for over a year! refund me now!@ this app was not even on for over one year! please advise

使用應用程式 接近3年
Sales POP! 已回覆 2023年5月3日

Hi there, thanks for leaving your feedback. The app is usage based and needs your approval to charge you, after installation. You also had the app installed over 2 years since July 13, 2020 and have been sent email reminders within your 90 day free trial, to have you reminded that you'll be charged at the end of the trial.

Your review doesn't reflect true to what we're seeing on our end, and I'm sorry that you felt this way. We've responded to your personal email, and are happy to follow up with you to provide more clarity on the situation with our proof from Shopify's Partners dashboard and our email communications with you since July 2020.


We contacted the support team in April 2022 about an issue with the review pop ups showing the incorrect city of almost all customers. It shows only one city, which is the one our business is based at. Imagine visitors seeing all such review pop ups with the same city. Wouldn't they feel suspicious of those reviews possibly being all fake, while they are in fact, all valid?
This issue has been ongoing and unresolved, despite us having contacted the support team since April 2022.
We granted collaborator access in April 2022. According to Shopify, no one has logged on to look at our issue since then.
We're very disappointed in the extremely poor customer service. Very unprofessional.

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使用應用程式 2年多
Sales POP! 已回覆 2021年11月19日

Feb 15, 2023. Hi! We are very sorry that this issue hasn't been resolved yet. This is definitely not the quality of service that represents us.

Although not an excuse - we recently went through some changes in the administration as well as with most of the team.

Please know that we have requested our new engineering team to prioritize this issue and we'll be following up closely until solved.

Thank you for your review, Do let us know if you need any further assistance or tips :)



Why would I know what to rate, I have just installed the app and have no experience on using it, maybe give us a couple of days

使用應用程式 2年多

I disabled this app back in 2020 and I have been getting charged since then after nit using the app.

使用應用程式 2年多

I disabled this app but was charged for the subscription without my authorization. It's done nothing for me and brought in 0 impressions. When I contacted supported about this, I had to wait almost 20 min per reply and now the rep named Muhammed is away in the middle of our conversation. Very unprofessional! Not recommended! I want a refund asap

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使用應用程式 1年多
Sales POP! 已回覆 2022年4月4日

Update April 21, 2022: The refund was processed immediately after the store owner reached out. Unfortunately, they closed the store and no longer have access to their Shopify account.

To clarify, we're unable to charge any store without their authorization. They had subscribed to our 7-day trial, and when they didn't cancel, the paid subscription began.

For questions or concerns regarding your plan, reach out at salespop@cartkit.com - We're available 24/7 :)


Hi there! Thank you for the review.

This is Muhammad from the Support Team.

My sincerest apologies for the ordeal, we faced delay with our chat app as my shift had ended, and once my colleague started his, the chat was not sent over to him.

We had already initiated a refund process and came across your review just now. We do not intend to cause any dissatisfaction.

In regards to the subscription, we have no issues refunding the amount and have clarified it both over chat and email, and my colleague has sent you an email confirming if you'd like to proceed with the refund.

Please do respond to the email when able so that we may process the refund.

Support Team.