Boost up your sales by personalized product recommendation.

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Personalize Recommendation

Personalize product recommendation based on your customer's preference. Let's boost up your sales!

Customize User Experience

Entirely customizable product recommendation experience. Start to navigate customers to the right product collection pages in your own way.

Connect your Product tag!

Simple to get started. All you need is to register a series of your questions and customer's choices which linked to your existing product t

ShopRep 정보

Why ShopRep?

You've spent time and money for Search Engine Ads to bring traffic to your Online Store, but once customers land on your page, your site may not navigating the customer to a right product page.

ShopRep can optimize the product recommendation experience. ShopRep can help customers with showing a series of questions in a pop-up to find out their preference. At the end of the questions, Shoprep navigates the customers to your awesome product collection pages.

How does It work?

  1. Add tags to your products in Shopify Admin for a good recommendation result
  2. Register a series of questions and customer's choices in ShopRep Admin
  3. A pop-up question appears when a customer visits your store
  4. ShopRep will navigate a customer to the recommended product collection page based on customer's preference

Customize Your Product Recommendation Experience

  • Ask a question in your own language
  • Choose how the pop-up is triggered (Clicking Button, Timer, or Scrolling down)
  • Choose a position where the pop-up trigger button appears on your store page
  • Change color of choice buttons, question text font thru the Shopify Theme Editor
  • Add or Remove product tags to change the collection page of recommended products

Why People Chose ShopRep

The50ml is a marketplace for gourmet condiments looking for a recommendation engine for the customers. But for its small size of operation, it was too expensive to build one. Instead, the50ml found ShopRep to assist their customers who were looking for condiments with specific flavor and intensity.

Please visit The50ml to take a look at a live example of how you can use ShopRep

Easy to use

ShopRep has help guide links available thru out the app. If you want to know how to use the app in detail, take a look at our tutorial video.

Who We Are

ShopRep is developed by BoostMode. We have years of developing e-commerce application experience and understand the needs of improving the online shopping experience.

Our mission is to provide affordable and useful e-commerce solutions to your Online Store. Please visit our website for more details

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ShopRep Basic


  • Customize your popup questions
  • Customize a trigger method
  • Customize a button size

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ShopRep is a promising app with a creative way to navigate products. It acts like a helpful virtual sales assistant. It guides customers to a personalized collection. To that end, an “all” collection is required. Create logic trees that lead shoppers through a series of questions that append multiple tags to a query. Make certain desired products have all the tags within the tree.

I had to sketch out a plan on paper before recreating within the app. You can create multiple sets to appear on different pages by specifying URL exclusions. The app inherits colors from global settings.

OMISSIONS: Menu of tags is not alphabetical but you can use keyboard to cycle through words beginning with first letter. Text within buttons is centered but buttons themselves are flush left so multiple rows or less than do not center beneath question. You can edit trees but there is no easy way to reorder button positions (hence the need for careful planning). You need to delete “branches” of the tree or rename “leaves.” Cannot export/duplicate tree structure.

ANOMALIES: Some products may be left out of queries. If you cancel a query before beginning another, prior cached tags are not cleared so subsequent query may be invalid. App editing is unavailable on iOS Safari.

Overall, it is a pleasant alternative to traditional collections and search fields.


I carry many different sauces and need a way to guide our customers to the right product. Filtering is not much useful unless customer type in the right keywords. ShopRep has been helpful for us to make a recommendation to our customers. I love the fact I can simply make the change and design the experience. Strongly recommend it. Very affordable way to make a great recommendation experience.