ShopSense – Buyer Persona

ShopSense – Buyer Persona

von Recosense Infosolutions Pvt Ltd

AI Personalization, Buyer Persona, Upsell Recommendation Bands

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Unique Buyer Persona

Convert your shoppers into buyers with automatic product tags widget for every user profile on the store and analyze the sales funnel stages

Automated Product Discovery

Semantic Search to understand intent behind queries and product recommendations bands for cross selling and up selling

Hyper Personalization

Not just any product recommendation but with AI super powers for personalized recommendations with upsell bands and bundle products.

Über ShopSense – Buyer Persona

ShopSense is an AI-powered Buyer Persona and User engagement platform that empowers marketers and sellers to enable the most human intuitive discovery of products. Understand your buyers’ preferences and relationships with your products to enable hyper-personalization through their shopping experience.

ShopSense enables better Product Discovery, increased Conversions, and User engagement.

ShopSense Advantage:

1) Automate the entire process of manually optimizing the store and overcome the challenges with changing buyers' expectations.

2) Get a better understanding of your buyers just like when they visit the actual brick and mortar store with behavioral insights.

3) Understand deeper contextual relationships with your buyers and your product catalog.

4) Hyper-personalize the buyers’ experience across pages - Homepage, Product Page, and Cart page.

5) Helps merchants enable buyers to easily search for products by enabling an automated widget with product tags.

6) Get notified of new suggestions based on buyers' likes and dislikes.

7) Access buyers' preferences anytime anywhere on your Shopify Site.

8) Enable Up selling and Cross selling with Popularity across the Site, within a Category, for a Brand, etc.

9) Achieve higher User engagement, Product discovery, and better conversion with a deep understanding of users.


1) Industry unique Automated Deep User Profile

  • Understand your buyers right from the start till the end of their buying journey.

  • Allow buyers to access their profile and preferences at any time in the store.

  • For every store visitor, a profile is created in the widget with tags of their preference which on click with show preferred collections.

2) Hyper-Personalization

  • Enable hyper-personalized recommendations and serendipity product discovery.

  • Personalization going beyond the clickstream data and understanding the contextual relationships with the products.

3) Automated Product Recommendations

  • Automated metadata (Product tags) generation for every single product - Auto identifies categories, sub-categories, brands, product attributes, language, key tags, etc.

  • Upsell recommendation bands on the Homepage, Product page, and Cart page - Best Sellers, You May Also Like, Inspired By Your Purchases, Also Viewed, Similar Products, Popular From Brands, Also Bought, and Popular From Categories.

4) Semantic Search

  • Behavioral search - Dynamically ranking results based on user preferences and search history

  • Search by Product tags generated for each product.

Know your store visitors better and enable seamless personalization, better product discovery, and improve your conversion drastically with an AI powered ShopSense for Shopify store.

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Basic Plan


  • Upto 25 Products
  • No Personalization
  • Unique Buyer Persona Widget
  • Upsell Recommendation Bands
  • Analytics and Email Support

Premium Plan


oder $10/Monat abgerechnet zu $120 einmal pro Jahr

  • Include All Basic Plan
  • Up to 1000 product
  • AI Personalization
  • Semantic Search
  • Personalized Push Notification
  • Call and Email Support

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Aktuellste Rezensionen

Famous marts

Excellent app. Very easy to use and I get a bunch of things along with some store insights. Great app to have.


Have just installed the app. Nice way to help shoppers find products with tags. Also recommendation bands. Waiting to see the impact on my sales.

Spry & Chic

ShopSense is a game changer. All my store visitors get to see their profile with tags of their preferences. The bands are customizable and works for my theme. Would recommend it to all.