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Unreliable app, unfortunately. Contacts are added to my Shopify Newsletter Subscribers but aren't always synced with the Mailchimp list. I am constantly finding missing contacts... very annoying especially for automated e-mail. Have to force resend most of the time.

Developer reply

May 12, 2019

Hi there, we're sorry you're having that problem but we want to try to resolve.

Are the contacts not feeding over with using a newsletter form or at checkout? If it's not pushing over using the embedded (newsletter) form on your site, please visit this support article for more information:

If it's not pushing over at checkout, it's possible the Mailchimp API rejected the address for various reasons, and we'd like to validate a few things on our end. Would you mind confirming your store URL and a customer email or two with their order ID's that opted in? You can reach out to us at We look forward to helping you resolve the issue.


There's only one day left before the MailChimp/Shopify integration ends and there's a huge notice when installing this app:

"Important! Please archive any Mailchimp welcome e-mail automation before installing ShopSync

If you have welcome e-mail automations running in Mailchimp, please archive (not pause) before installing ShopSync. There have been reports that emails have been resent after performing sync, and we are actively investigating the issue. Other automations are not impacted and can be migrated as noted in Mailchimp's knowledge base article."

Seriously, who is stupid enough to move forward after reading this?

And reading how ShopSync is replying to other people, seems like a huge loophole where ShopSync & MailChimp will not take ownership of any issues, truly try to help their users, but instead play the "blame game" and refer to the other party over and over.

Removing this app right away...

Developer reply

May 10, 2019

Hi there, Eidon thank you for your candid feedback. We've confirmed the welcome email behavior is a bug on the Mailchimp side, and their support team is investigating. It's got something to do with timestamps misbehaving internally. To be clear, this is not something that ShopSync is doing but we felt the urgency to make it transparent so our users don't have any surprises. For now, if you have welcome automations running, we recommend that you archive them before activating our app. You can easily reactivate or recreate them after the sync is done and restart.

All that to say, we hope that things will be resolved soon, but we don't have any visibility into their workloads. Other automations are ok to leave as described in the migration guide Mailchimp has published.

Let us know if you have any follow up questions. Feel free to reach back out to us at

Karla and Co.

It might sync emails to a list, but automations do not work. Shopify, even though pushes them as a solution, have no support on it and it takes about 7 hours to sync your shop.

REPLYING TO RESPONSE: No Mailchimp is not experts at this. I asked them questions about their own blog post and their EXACT reply both times "WE DO NOT OFFER SUPPORT ON THIRD PARTY SOFTWARE". I asked for help with my automation emails and their reply both times "WE DO NOT OFFER SUPPORT ON THIRD PARTY SOFTWARE".

2nd Reply: Yes, I have gone over it 3 times and have asked MC directly with no success. Only abandon cart now works.

Developer reply

May 9, 2019

Thanks for reaching out, sorry you're having trouble with those. If you're not already following, Mailchimp put out a great how-to guide on switching over to ShopSync. In there, you'll see a migration guide that should help you get those automations restarted:

If for any reason they don't restart, you'll want to reach out to Mailchimp's support team for further assistance, as they are the experts in the MailChimp application, and best equipped to assist you with those needs.

Let us know if you have any follow up questions, happy to help anytime.

Have you run the migration as noted?

Lizandez Pty Ltd

This is by far the worst App I have ever had it doesn't do what it says does, entering valid email addresses that are not spam or bot it chooses what it wants to send to mailchimp. So you end up missing out on sign ups if you don't closely check your list. Shopsync solution was to do a re sync that doesn't work either. Even worse now the original Sync has completely messed up my customer date order sequence in my admin section and shopsync are avoiding fixing this. Now when I select the order newest customers I get random mixture of old and new what a balls up. Now I am trying to get them to fix this they avoiding the issue. Apps like this should be banned. This whole experience has also put me off Mailchimp the whole thing has been nothing but a drama and complete waste of time.

Gypsy Tableware Designs

I used this app as suggested by Shopify to transfer data from mail chimp. I tried to transfer my data list and it only transferred part of it. ( 1/3 if that) I have contacted twice for help and to date have not received any reply communication or assistance!.
Not impressed!

Developer reply

May 3, 2019

Hi there, thank you for the feedback. We saw your review and wanted to reach back out. Each time we try to respond to your messages we get a failure to deliver to your email address. Would you care to contact us directly on our support desk?, we'll be glad to help.


I uninstalled the App because it was nor working normally (didn't show the sync list option). Now I push on the "add app" button to install it again and Cannot install it. Shows "page not found" . Please help me with this issue to review the app

Developer reply

May 1, 2019

Hi there, thank you for the feedback. We saw your review and it sounds like your issue may be related to a browser caching issue or just a temporary problem with Shopify's app store. We'd suggest clearing your cookies/cache or trying another browser entirely. If the problem persists, don't hesitate to contact us for further troubleshooting at


It will not allow me to give zero stars but that is what this is worth at the moment

After installing this app we have faced many issues:
1. Order not syncing as they should
2. Customers automatically being marked as "Accept Marketing" when the box is not checked in Shopify
3. A huge disconnection between Mailchimp & ShopSync. I got both on email, each pointed blame at the other.

I would not recommend installing this app as it currently does not work as expected. I have been trying to get our problems resolved but unfortunately after 4/12 Mailchimp nor ShopSync will respond. Worst customer service I have seen. Posting here I am sure there will be a response!

Flatbed Press

For some reason, I am not able to connect the shopsync at all though I tried. Guess, it thinks I did.

Developer reply

April 23, 2019

Hi Flatbed Press, We're still actively getting stores installed, so it may be a temporary issue with Shopify's servers in certain locations.

Also, if you go to your apps listing page in Shopify, do you see it there? If so, you should be able to click and start the sync process. If not, maybe give it a try in another browser or machine; it could be a cookie or caching issue.

If you want to give it a retry later hopefully things will be resolved. Let us know if you have any follow up questions. Please contact us anytime at

Yen Chee Design

I used this app to sync Mailchimp with Shopify. It was the only FREE option that I had. I would love to have Klayvio but it's more than I wanted to pay at the moment. I read the warnings of how emails were sent to old subscribers, but I had an even more strange thing happen. I had an additional 179 people imported into my mailchimp-emails that were never even on my subscriber or unsubscribe list, and totally unfamiliar to me. Has anyone else had that happen? I have no clue where these random emails came from, but suddenly they received my automated "thank you for subscribing" message and then I had to delete each person individually which wasted hours of time. For some reason mailchimp was not letting me delete multiples at a time. I don't know why this would happen, and now each time I delete a bunch of foreign emails they seem to keep getting added back in. I'm terrified to even use my mailchimp to send a mass email because I'm not sure who's going to get it. I'm tempted to bite the bullet and switch over to Klayvio.

Amelia Rope Chocolate

Sadly you can only sync 1 list so removed the app. We have more than 1 list - we dont want to merge.