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About ShopSync

Connect Your Store With Mailchimp

Connect your Shopify store to a Mailchimp list in less than 60 seconds for free.


ShopSync will sync all information in your Shopify store to Mailchimp - customers, orders, and products.

Trigger Automations

Set up marketing automations in Mailchimp and trigger them automatically. Remind customers about abandoned carts, win back lapsed customers, and follow up after the sale.

Recommend Products

Generate recommended products based on a customer’s past purchase history.

Segment Customers

Track and segment customers based on transaction details and purchase frequency.

Sync Merge Tags

Map customer information within Shopify to Mailchimp - use for segments or campaigns.

Initiate Pop-Up Forms

In one click, embed a pop-up form that converts your website visitors to subscribers.

Simple Set Up

Connect your store with Mailchimp in no time through Shopify's app store. Once activated, ShopSync will import all information in your store to Mailchimp - including customers, orders, and products. We can also sync merge tags like birthdays or anything else that's important to your marketing efforts.

Use your purchase data to personalize your marketing.

Create custom segments or choose from Mailchimp's pre-built ones to market smarter. Target segments with your own personalized messages, welcome new subscribers, reward repeat buyers, or incentivize customers to return.

Automate your email marketing

When you activate the ShopSync app in Shopify, you're able to use any of Mailchimp's automation workflows. Automatically send abandoned cart messages encouraging shoppers to complete their purchase, re-engage past customers with relevant product recommendations, or prompt customers to leave reviews.

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Overall rating
4.2 of 5 stars
Based on 283 reviews

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Most recent reviews

Pea Shoots Consignment

I had to uninstall this app because the code was affecting my theme, After months of some customers not being able to view my site correctly on mobile and contacting everyone under the sun for help, I finally uninstalled each app one by one on my website, getting my customers to test the site each time. all problems cleared up once shopSync was uninstalled and my site has been fine ever since. It's a shame since I really liked ShopSync and can't afford something like klavio

Developer reply

December 9, 2019

Hi Pea Shoots, we saw your review and wanted to reach out. We checked into our helpdesk and only saw one ticket back in August we replied to the same day regarding another question. Were you contacting Mailchimp for help? Or ShopSync? We want to make sure something didn't get caught up in our SPAM filter.

Regardless, we looked at your store, and it appears that the legacy Mailchimp app and ShopSync are still installed. The old Mailchimp integration has been deprecated (not supported) for quite some time, and there's a good chance things won't work as expected if you have both ShopSync and the legacy Mailchimp app running.

As for ShopSync affecting your theme, that would not be a function of the app. We'd recommend first to uninstall the legacy Mailchimp app and ShopSync. Next, verify in the Mailchimp "Connected Sites" area that your store is removed. Lastly, install ShopSync again. We're confident that things will work as expected after those steps are completed.

Let us know if you still encounter any problems. You may reach us anytime at

Green Man Grooming Co

We have had this synced since October, we are about to launch and found it is not integrated with MailChimp. Mailchimp says it is, but ShopSync says it isn't even though it was previously.
When clicking connect to sync the store again it takes me to login with MailChimp, after that the window disappears, the app flashes and goes back to the original screen and doesn't do anything.
Scrolling to the bottom of the page to contact support and the page has a sad face with "this server is being block by an extention on it"

Now we aren't synced with MailChimp even though we have been prepared for over a month...

Wolf Trail Market

I started using ShopSync to integrate Mail Chimp with Shopify in order to streamline my email marketing and the app did do what it was supposed to thus far. It integrated all my contacts and products with Mail Chimp and I was able to create email campaigns right away.... However, there is one glaring issue that I found, the ShopSync app does not differentiate between published (part of a Shopify Collection/ on a sales channel) products and products that are not published (not in a collection or part of a sales channel) on Shopify. This is a huge issue because if you run a store and you want to keep older products hidden from customers in the back-end of your store so that they can be re-released at a later date, for example seasonal items, ShopSync will see every product as available and as such add every product to Mail Chimp emails as part of automatically generated featured products sections regardless of whether that product is actually still available or visible on your store. This problem in turn leads your customers to products that are not available yet or available anymore and they get an oops... page and a button to continue shopping if the customer clicks the link. I would give a higher review rating if this worked properly and ShopSync was not able to see hidden products. Please fix this. Thank you.

Developer reply

November 26, 2019

Hi there, thank you for taking the time to describe the problem you're experiencing. Currently, you're right; ShopSync is engineered to send all product data over to Mailchimp no matter if it's a published product or not in Shopify. We have good intentions for doing so; let me explain why:

- If we didn't send all product data over on the sync, your order information would not be complete.
- If you were to try to create campaigns based on past (product) order history, for example, you would not be able to target relevant customers who qualified for those product purchases.
- Reporting information would be off in Mailchimp for product sales.

Those reasons alone are why many customers use ShopSync. But, we also understand your use-case and how that could negatively impact your marketing efforts with the situation you've described - especially if you were to rely on Mailchimp to dynamically populate recommended products for your campaigns.

With that said, the recommended products are not a function of what ShopSync has control over in Mailchimp. Mailchimp uses its proprietary algorithms to display recommended products for automations/campaigns. As mentioned, if we didn't pass all the product data to them, it would cause many downstream issues for other users.

We wish we had more control over the recommendations in Mailchimp, but we do not. In the interim, you may want to manually add recommended products to campaigns or reach out to Mailchimp's excellent product support team to see if they could somehow filter those (unavailable) products from their recommendations engine in the future.