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Connect Your Store With Mailchimp

Connect your Shopify store to a Mailchimp list in less than 60 seconds for free.

Increase your revenue potential

When you connect your Shopify store to Mailchimp with the Shopsync integration, you unlock features that can help you increase revenue and drive conversion.

Increase traffic to your site and drive repeat purchases

With the connection, you can use Mailchimp tools to get more traffic and start building stronger relationships with your customers with content that means something to them.

Understand what works so you can amplify your efforts

With a connected store, you bring your ecommerce and marketing data into one centralized place. This allows you the ability to understand the ROI of your marketing efforts so you can best optimize your marketing strategy.


ShopSync will sync all information in your Shopify store to Mailchimp - customers, orders, and products.

Trigger Automations

Use Customer Journey Builder to automate your customer’s journey to deliver relevant content based on behaviors and interactions. Remind customers about abandoned carts, win back lapsed customers, and follow up after the sale.

Recommend Products

Generate recommended products based on a customer’s past purchase history.

Segment Customers

Track and segment customers based on transaction details and purchase frequency.

Sync Merge Tags

Map customer information within Shopify to Mailchimp - use for segments or campaigns.

Initiate Pop-Up Forms

In one click, embed a pop-up form that converts your website visitors to subscribers.

Simple Set Up

Connect your store with Mailchimp in no time through Shopify's app store. Once activated, ShopSync will import all information in your store to Mailchimp - including customers, orders, and products. We can also sync merge tags like birthdays or anything else that's important to your marketing efforts.

Use your purchase data to personalize your marketing.

Create custom segments or choose from Mailchimp's pre-built ones to market smarter. Target segments with your own personalized messages, welcome new subscribers, reward repeat buyers, or incentivize customers to return.

Automate your email marketing

When you activate the ShopSync app in Shopify, you're able to use any of Mailchimp's automation workflows. Automatically send abandoned cart messages encouraging shoppers to complete their purchase, re-engage past customers with relevant product recommendations, or prompt customers to leave reviews.

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3.8 stelle su 5

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Le recensioni più recenti

The Gadget Spi

Amazing app. Never ever faced any problem, I strongly recommend it, also recommend using Mailchimp cause for some reason, it is still the best performer. thank you shop sync team.

Roger Sport

I installed this app when MailChimp stop working with Shopify long time ago and during all this period the app worked as expected acting as a bridge between both platforms.
Last week I encounter an issue when trying to remove the MailChimp PopUp from our Store and after asking for help ShopSync support team helped us quick and clear.
We were able to fix the issue by following the steps they explained.
App: Good- Working as expected
Customer Service: Great. Thanks guys

Makeup On Set

We strongly recommend not to sync Shopify with Mailchimp. In fact we also don't recommend working with Mailchimp anymore.
Mailchimp was offering a free Zoom sessions with their experts to integrate with Shopsync. We had a session and received totally wrong advice from one of those experts: and consequently we had a serious problem with our automations in the middle of the BF campaign. We were not told that many things could behave as they did. There is no chat support from Shopsync and Mailchimp agents are not trained in this integration yet, so that's not the best scenario to rely on an integration yet. In our case, the Mailchimp Expert who integrated our site with Shopsync denied any further help, and Mailchimp Support was not able to fix the problem.To prevent bigger issues, this weekend we had to disconnect the integration this weekend, loosing many leads in our ongoing campaign that was saved thanks to Shopify. When trying to to seek help from Mailchimp desk since last Friday, we have heard suggestions like "Since the integration will pull over all contacts from Shopify, it will be necessary to remove/archive those contacts in Shopify before connecting with Mailchimp" or "There are certain behaviors that the connection will have, and I want to be transparent about that" (...) There were also not able to clarify how to proceed with our automations once archived when performing an integration as you advice in your disclaimer "If you have welcome e-mail automations running in Mailchimp, please archive (not pause) before installing ShopSync. There have been reports that emails have been resent after performing sync, and we are actively investigating the issue. Other automations are not impacted and can be migrated as noted in Mailchimp's knowledge base article". We couldn't learn about this disclaimer when our integration was performed. We understand that Shopsync is not directly responsible about Mailchimp support or their Experts but please also understand that this integration is meant to work with Mailchimp, so for your sake and ours, please make sure that we customers will be able to get support of any kind if anything happens, specially in such a sensitive times like BF within a pandemic. Thank you for your comprehension

Risposta dello sviluppatore

23 novembre 2020

Hi there, we saw your review and wanted to reply. We take all feedback seriously and appreciate the members who voice them. After reading your review, it sounds like your comments may be better directed at Mailchimp or the experts you specified.

As the developers behind ShopSync, we use this area to learn from our customers on how to improve it and hopefully help their Shopify businesses along the way. We can't speak for Mailchimp or any other 3rd party, as we are not affiliated with them.

If you can, we'd appreciate an update on the review of the app. As developers, it's vital for our community of users to feel confident that the plugin is an excellent option to sync their store with Mailchimp if they choose to do so.

We'll be glad to help assist with the installation of ShopSync, please contact us at