Etsy Inventory Integration

Etsy Inventory Integration

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Etsy Integration - Listings, Orders & Quantities in Real Time

Export Listings to Etsy

Etsy Integration to Shopify ,Export listings and import them into Etsy with a click of a button !

Etsy real time Inventory sync

Etsy Shopify integration - Keep your inventory sync in real time so you will never oversell again!

Etsy sync orders & fulfillment

Sync your Etsy orders to Shopify. Set Shopify as your order management source of truth. Update Etsy orders as fulfilled. Suppliers & POD.

Etsy Inventory Integration の詳細情報

Etsy Shopify Integration Key benefits :

Export Shopify listings and import into Etsy

Export all lf your Shopify listings into Etsy with a click of a button.

Avoid The Trap of Overselling

Our mission is to make sure your inventory is synced near real time between Shopify and Etsy.

Listing and Variations SKU

Make sure that all of listings and variations you need to sync has unique SKU and appears once on Etsy and Shopify.

Duplicate SKUs

Manage duplicate SKUs ? we support duplicates SKUs as well!

Bi-Directional sync

We listen to quantity changes on both platforms. Any change of the quantity will update the other system.

Order Replication

If you are POD seller , working with suppliers or if you want to manage all of your orders in Shopify as source of truth , our app will replicate your new & paid Etsy orders into Shopify automatically.

Sync Frequency

Your listings quantity will be updated automatically up to 15 minutes. If you need a faster update let us know!!

Etsy Tweaks

Let's review the main platforms differences and shopUpz solution :

Out of Stock

You can not set zero in Etsy's listing. Solution : if Shopify inventory listing is zero we will set Etsy listing to inactive with quantity =one .

Export stocks

With just one click you can easily export all of your Etsy and Shopify stock side be side to your email. Track and find out of stock and low in stock listings/variations .

Back in Stock

If shopUpz set Etsy listing to inactive (out of stock) once the product is back in stock on Shopify the listing on Etsy will become active once again.

OMG - You Don't Need to Leave Shopify !!!

Correct! too many solutions and new systems to learn.... We want you to have the best seamless experience in your comfort zone that is why we have decided to be a native shopify app. All your inventory will appear at once single shopify store.

We Love to Build New Integrations

Our specialty is Etsy ! That said, If you are looking for new integrations contact us and we will be happy to check it out and have you as our beta partner.


We would be happy to assist with any further questions and advise on the right inventory operation management.

shopUpz Team.


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料金 14日間の無料体験



Etsy charges 0.20USD for activating/renewing a listing

  • Unlimited inventory quantity sync
  • Manage duplications
  • Unlimited products
  • Unlimited users

* すべての料金はUSDで請求されます。
** 月額や使用料に基づく請求などの定期請求は、30日ごとに請求されます。

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Canvas Wall Art & Canvas Prints |

The BEST app for orders integration. And I already checked 5 others.
I talked with Shirley and asked her to guide me through on how to make integration for the orders without affecting the listings at all, she was very patient and clear with the instructions.
It worked perfectly. So simple, I am still surprised.

The Crafty Brick

I had no idea this type of integration was an option but I decided to try it out. I’m amazed at the amount of time I’m saving by not having to write listings in both Shopify and Etsy. I also don't have to go back in and update quantities when I sell something in one platform. Shirly is THE GOAT as far a customer service goes. I had done issues with setting up my SKUs at first but she helped walk me through how to fix it. I highly recommend this app!



Thank you for your Amazing feedback. I'm really happy to assist with any question any time :-)

Morgan's Art Quest

I severely messed up with skus when I first got this app, new to the whole idea of tracking via skus since I didn't on my last platform. Shirly helped me through every bumble to get me to a place where everything is working perfectly now. Customer service alone is a great reason to at least give this app a try!