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26. august 2021

This app is not deleting my location and data from the account setting. I want to delink my shopify account from here.
6 måneder bruger appen
Shopventory Inc svarede 14. september 2021

Hi and thank you for the feedback here.

Our Customer Care team would be more than happy to help you with disconnecting your Shopify account. You can connect with them through the blue chat bubble on our website (, or through the Shopventory app itself.

You can also email

Thank you!

6. august 2020

While Shopventory are good at answering the live chat, their platform leaves a lot to be desired.

The summarised version: Overpriced, syncing issues and product fields being overwritten, wiped almost two months of data, lost sales and shipping revenue.

Where the problems started:

We tried to disable a location we use as a workaround in Shopify to track inventory of bundled product (gift sets) as this was one of the bells and whistles Shopventory offered. Unfortunately, Shopventory deleted the whole integration. Outcome, all PO data, lot costs etc. were deleted and we had to start from scratch. We were almost two months in so a considerable amount of time was wasted. It's evident there isn't a robust control framework as this is a catastrophic failure. I had to negotiate to have them credit one month's subscription fee ($99).

Shopventory want you to create your products and manage all product details on their platform. This could work, though not necessary, if they supported all product fields. Fields they're currently missing are variant weights, compare prices, SEO descriptions etc.

As mentioned above, variant weights aren't supported in Shopventory. We've discovered through orders being charged incorrect shipping rates as Shopventory has randomly overwritten variant weights meaning our Shopify weight based shipping mapping is rendered useless. This has directly impacted sales and lost shipping fee revenue.

If you make a product inactive in Shopventory (say you want to remove it form the storefront or you've created a product and not ready to list to customers), then this actually deletes the product from Shopify. This again can be catastrophic if you use google merchant to list products as you will need to create a new product and go through the product approval process all over again. This is particularly painful during COVID-19 as google's product review team is reduced meaning products can take up to 4 weeks+ to be approved.

Shopventory advertise an almost simultaneous syncing with Shopify. This is not the case and manual forced synced are a common occurence.

Overall, Shopventory is trying to cater to everyone and anyone (lots of different market places etc). Without doing any one of them well. Jack of all trades, master of none. They've advised adding variant weights, compare prices etc. are in the works yet they're wasting their time by adding in a 'pricing calculator' to allow merchants to have Shopventory do the basic math of calculating product prices. Who in their right mind buys inventory creates a product and then has to work out what price to sell it at? Surely anyone with basic business acumen would determine margins, selling price, etc. before committing to purchasing a product..?

We have since moved to Zoho for a fraction of the price $49 for full features compared to $99 for Shopventory's standard (yet slimmed down) plan. Given Zoho is a well established company with a robust accounting platform that's on equal footing with the likes of Quickbooks and Xero, you know you're getting a robust platform. We're planning to move our accounting platform to Zoho as well to take advantage of having everything under the same platform without yet another integration.

Want to have Shopventory integrate with Quickbooks to post the actual cost of goods sold? Think twice. for an additional $39 a month Shopventory will create a sales invoice in quickbooks that serves of little value. Zero accounting entries are performed.

2 måneder bruger appen
Shopventory Inc svarede 21. august 2020

Thank you for your feedback and input. We sincerely appreciate it. We apologize for the poor experience you had with our platform while you were working with our team to cancel your extra Shopify location to move from Shopventory’s $99/mo package to our $49/mo package. The communication from our team could have been clearer when discussing plan limitations and we’ll make sure to clarify further with customers moving forward.

Thank you for the feedback on our features as we’re always looking to improve our product. Shopventory’s niche is cross channel inventory management across multiple locations and it appears your requirements may be more in the Shopify-only platform domain. Based on your feedback we will be improving some of those specific feature sets. The input on additional fields we should support are very helpful.

We hope we will have the opportunity to earn your business again at some point in the future.

12. januar 2021

While the functionality of this app has not thoroughly tested, due to it not being exactly what I needed I removed it, it did seem to work fine. However, the reason I have given a 1 star is the incessant mails from the shopventory staff. After having unsubscribed multiple times, after replying that I do not wish to receive further mails and after reporting them as spam, the mails never stopped coming. Besides the functionality of an app the communication with a company and the perceived perception of that company is an important thing in deciding wether to work with a company and this company has failed thoroughly in that. Also, let it be known that i have let the above be known per email multiple times and I do not want to be contacted by anyone about how you will fix this. You had your chance.

Holland (Nederlandene)
41 minutter bruger appen
Shopventory Inc svarede 12. januar 2021

Hi there and thank you for the feedback.

We're glad to hear that the app has been working fine for you, but it's unfortunate for us to hear about the communication breakdown as we watch our correspondence very closely.

We searched through our entire database as well as email platforms to see if we could find where the breakdown occurred. We weren't able to find any record of where you responded to be removed from our email communication, or where you manually unsubscribed via the unsubscribe links provided on all of our communication.

We would appreciate it if you would be willing to send us a chat message through our chat tool on with a screenshot or any other information to help us find where the request was made and allow us to troubleshoot. It is very important to us that our customers are easily able to manage their email subscriptions and we also hope we're not being confused with a different company.

Thank you so much for considering this and we hope to hear from you.

6. juni 2021

expecting you to select a pay plan before exploring all features. quite complicated to even get started.

little Mountain Vancouver
22 minutter bruger appen
Shopventory Inc svarede 7. juni 2021

Hi there! We're happy to help get your situation resolved.

It appears that you had a 30-day free trial of Shopventory over a year ago. That means when you re-download the app today, you will be prompted to start paying (since you have already used the free trial).

We would be happy to get you set up with a new free trial though! Someone on our team will reach out.