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9. Februar 2022

I am torn between giving this app 3 and 4 stars. The customer service gets 5 stars. Hyper responsive helpful chat support and great onboarding. This app itself has several limitations that would be deal breakers except I can't find any viable alternative. There are many positives. It looks like the low inventory reports, expiration date tracking, bundling features will work well for us. They want you to create all products in Shopventory, but there doesn't appear to be any consequence for creating them in Shopify and then importing them, which is great. 1) You cannot edit any cost information once inventory is received. This means that we either give up on trying to use Shopventory to track our inventory costs, or we have to wait to receive (and start selling) inventory until these costs can be determined. We typically don't know freight costs at the time the PO is created or the inventory is received. My inventory staff are not my accounting staff, so they don't have access to these numbers.
2) The purchase order list page shows invoice subtotals, which means we can't easily scan this list to match POs to payments on our bank statement and credit card statements, which of course reflect the order total after discounts and freight. I cannot imagine a use case where any customer would prefer to see subtotals.
3) The purchase orders are so unpolished as to be borderline illegible and do not reflect well on our business. I don't need fancy, but these are too rough. Our address is long so it runs right into the adjacent field, as no padding is built in. One of the fields defaults to %null% rather than just 0 or blank. You can't email a PO unless you've created it (which runs into having final cost information I mentioned on #1). Even if we did email it, the email is very unpolished and you cannot set any default email text. I'd love to have a quick default message asking the vendor to confirm receipt and provide us with an estimated delivery date, and provide our contact information on this email. You can provide a custom note, but this note shows up at the bottom of the email as a "user note:" I am not my vendor's "user"!
4) Vendor info from Shopify isn't pulled over, so this makes setup VERY time consuming for us as we have about 100 vendors and well over 1000 products. We're sticking with it because despite these frustrations, our current lack of inventory control is causing even more problems. I know that building an app this robust is daunting, but these aspects feel as though no one has really thought them through.

Santa Barbara Company
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Shopventory Inc hat geantwortet 23. Februar 2022

Hi there and thank you for the detailed review! Lots of great feedback in here we're happy to address:

1. Shopventory does allow you to edit cost information after the product has been received. If you go to your main inventory page in Shopventory, you'll see a column for "Costs". If you see that your costs are blue, you can click on them to edit specific batches of received product!

2. Yes, you are correct that the Purchase Order list screen only shows the subtotals for the invoice. We are working on adding a column for the full Total!

3. We appreciate the feedback on the Purchase Order interface! We're sharing with our engineering team for review

4. You are correct that vendor information is not pulled over from Shopify at this time but we are actively working on that feature! Stay tuned.

Bearbeitet am 10. Mai 2022

The customer service team is fast, professional, and very friendly. They are quick to respond to help me out w/ my questions regarding the platform and help me walk through the features that I am looking for. Alejandro was wonderful to work with!
I think this platform is great starting place, however, I would like more customizable features to really enhance what each business needs.

Ethical & Sustainable Jewelry | Rebel Nell
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Shopventory Inc hat geantwortet 14. Mai 2022

Hi and thanks for your review! We'll pass along the kudos to Alejandro!

We appreciate the feedback on needing more platform customization. We are working on a lot of features like this right now! Stay tuned.