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Fecha de modificación: 12 de octubre de 2022

I downloaded the app for linking to our Shopify, although it performed reasonably well for many things, it did not meet our needs so I deleted the app from our Shopify apps in September. However, I just was charged $2,387.00. I think these guys try hard, but clearly not hard enough. I'll be doing a charge back. I was told in an email after complaining that "Just deleting our app will not cancel your subscription to Shopventory." BEWARE! After reading their response below, I reiterate, BEWARE, they will get you to upgrade when you are 'testing' their system and you can only do this by entering a CC number, which in order to test it properly, I did. However, after deleting the system off of where I originally accessed it in Shopify, they did not process this forward. Like I said these guys try very hard, they had a great amount of attention on customer service and they were all very good with it. But customers also need to be aware of this. Because their service and product is good, I have changed my rating to 3 stars. The company needs to understand that there are consequences for doing business in a certain way. If the company amends their practice to adjust accordingly, I'd be happy to update to 5stars.

Estados Unidos
Tiempo de uso de la aplicación: 7 días
Shopventory Inc respondió 11 de octubre de 2022

Hi there and thank you for leaving this review to give us to opportunity to help clarify!

We're glad that we were able to refund your $2,387.00 amount immediately after you requested it be refunded. This is, of course, part of our "no questions asked" 30-day money-back guarantee we extend to all customers.

It appears the reason you paid $2,387.00 was you were utilizing your Thrive subscription and decided to enter your credit card information into our software while selecting the Professional Annual subscription (you selected the annualized option to get 2 months free). Entering your credit card and selecting the plan you did lets our system know you'd like to continue with a paid service. You are always welcome to cancel your subscription or remove your credit card from the same interface.

Please let our customer care team know if you have any other questions about our app or subscription options!

22 de julio de 2022

Hardly works. So buggy! I can’t even do basic things! But looks fine to me. Thanks for replying to my emails.

Lucky Simpers
Estados Unidos
Tiempo de uso de la aplicación: 10 meses
Shopventory Inc respondió 4 de agosto de 2022

Hi there - we appreciate the feedback.

I am sorry to hear that you had a negative experience with Thrive's functionality. Our exceptional Customer Care team would be happy to assist you with any specific issues. Please reach out to let us know how we can help.

17 de julio de 2022

How can they get away with charging this much. It’s criminal. Prices are too much but app has some unique features.

Estados Unidos
Tiempo de uso de la aplicación: 5 meses
Shopventory Inc respondió 21 de julio de 2022

Hi there - we appreciate the feedback.

It's great you were able to learn about the wonderful features we offer even though it's unfortunate you believe the price of our app is too high. Please let us know what we can do to help you utilize Thrive in your business.

17 de junio de 2022

Slow slow slow slow. It feels like trying to run through molasses. Waiting for support to resolve the issue.

Estados Unidos
Tiempo de uso de la aplicación: 2 meses
Shopventory Inc respondió 30 de junio de 2022

Hi there. We appreciate your feedback! We are actively working on speed improvements to our product. Stay tuned!