Shopventory Inventory

Shopventory Inventory

Shopventory Inc

Multi-Location & E-Commerce Inventory Management & Analytics

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Real-Time Inventory Management

Connect and manage all sales channels in one place in real-time. Fully integrate Shopify with your POS for seamless inventory management.


Use a barcode scanner to create Purchase Orders, Invoices, Transfers and update Stock Counts to save hours of time per week.

Catalog & Merchandise Controls

Manage all product catalog data in Shopventory which then syncs with Shopify, Square, Clover and Google Shopping.

Shopventory Inventory 정보

Get a 360° View of your Business by Location

Shopventory helps make running your business easy and straightforward. You need the right tools to give you the confidence to grow a healthy and successful business across all sales channels and locations. The Shopventory team is here to help you achieve your mission.

Seamlessly connect your brick and mortar locations with your Shopify Store Shopventory integrates flawlessly with Shopify and Shopify POS as well as Square, Clover, Google Shopping and PayPal Here. See all of your business data in one place with multi-location and multi-channel inventory management and reporting with Shopventory.

30-Day Full-Feature Free Trial with 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Data-Rich Reporting by Location and Channel

  • Profit Reporting - See your profitability to the penny during a specific time period by category, location and more.
  • Inventory Report - Know the exact value of your inventory at any minute in time.
  • Sales Reports - Understand top selling and low selling products.
  • Vendor Sales Reports - Shows you all the products that have sold for a given date range, sorted by vendor.
  • Dead Inventory Report - Identify what doesn’t sell to quickly remove it from your shelves.
  • Custom Reporting Engine - Build your own custom reporting by district, state, region or franchise.

Automate purchase orders

  • Create purchase orders using location-specific minimum / maximum levels
  • Inventory transfers at a per location level
  • Use Intelligent minimum/maximum levels to always have the right amount of stock on hand at each location
  • Create Internal Transfer to restock and sell more
  • Location-specific PAR levels

Invoice customers directly

  • Create customer-specific orders
  • Collect payments
  • Track any sales and inventory data that occur outside of your Shopify website or POS system.

Save hours counting inventory

  • Stocktakes - Wirelessly connect your barcode scanner for cycle counts to scan your entire inventory quickly and accurately.
  • Free up time to connect with your customers and employees.

World-Class 5-Star Customer Support

We want your business to be successful. Our Customer Care team will be there every step of the way via text, chat, email and phone. Shopventory is here to help your business succeed and have the confidence and data to grow your business.


  • Square,
  • Clover,
  • PayPal Here,
  • Quickbooks Online,
  • Shopify,
  • WooCommerce

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또는 연당 $947 로 $78.92/월 청구

  • Up to 2 total Locations / Integrations
  • Barcode Scanning Stocktakes
  • Bundles
  • Purchase Orders
  • Vendor Management
  • Invoicing
  • Min/Max Levels



또는 연당 $2,387 로 $198.92/월 청구

  • Standard Plus:
  • Up to 5 total Locations / Integrations
  • Scan-to-create POs/Transfers/Invoices
  • Google Shopping Integration
  • Stock Forecasting



또는 연당 $4,787 로 $398.92/월 청구

  • Pro Plus:
  • Up to 10 total Locations / Integrations
  • Automated Internal Transfers
  • Early access to beta features
  • Intelligent stock forecasting



또는 연당 $9,587 로 $798.92/월 청구

  • Elite Plus:
  • Up to 20 total Locations / Integrations
  • Automated Internal Transfers
  • Early access to beta features
  • Intelligent stock forecasting

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가장 최근 리뷰

The Reclaimed Treasures LLC

I have been using Shopventory for a couple of years now to sync with Shopify and Clover. The customer service is exceptional and the product is working amazingly well. I no longer have to be concerned about overselling...syncing is on point. And, if I run into issues, the Shopventory team is amazing!

Nature's Home Organic Market

I can't imagine running my store without Shopventory. I finally have one single source of truth when it comes to inventory, profit margin, etc. Plus I sync to my Clover POS and Shopify online store without issues. I've always found support to be super responsive and they resolve my issues very quickly. Very happy with Shopventory!

Luna Baby Modern Store

Shopventory is a must have app to organize and have more control of the business. The customer service is always available and have all the tools explanation. There is much more we can do to make easier to run the business. Totally recommend.

개발자 회신

2021년 11월 8일

Hi there and thanks a ton for the 5-star review!

We're looking forward to helping you learn more of the Shopventory platform over time. Send our customer service team a message if you ever want to line up a training!