Shopy Pre‑order

Shopy Pre‑order

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Pre-order, Email Alert, Discount, Out of stock, Coming soon

Always continue selling

"Sold Out", and want continue selling? Put your products or variants on Pre-Order and keep selling, for "Coming soon" products as well.

Automatic Pre-order

Convert "Add to cart" button to Pre-order button and allowed customer to order easily

Flexible Settings

Apply Email Alerts, Pre-order limits, Use Default or Custom settings to get more control for pre-order

Shopy Pre‑orderの詳細情報

Why Shopy Pre-order

If products run out of stock in your store this app can really help you to generate more revenue and collect orders as pre-orders

"Shopy Pre-order" app can convert the cart button into the Pre-order button when the store's product/variants are out of stock. "Shopy Pre-order" app comes with some other features like enabling pre-order between a specific date and time range. And also you will get industry-standard analytics in your very own pre-order dashboard.

"Shopy Pre-order" is fully optimized and customizable so that merchants can get control to change anything related to pre-order on the fly.

Core Features:

  1. Enable Pre-order for any products or variants
  2. Enable Pre-order between two dates and time
  3. Email functionality and notification
  4. Apply Discounts for pre-order items
  5. Coming soon count down timer
  6. Pre-order quantity limit for every checkout ( Customer level )
  7. Product Max pre-order limit ( Shop level )
  8. Configuration for pre-order button text
  9. Custom CSS
  10. Dashboard Analytics

Why Shopy Pre-order:

  • Super easy and handy to use pre-order app
  • Fully customizable so that you can get control to change anything related to pre-order
  • We provide count-down timer on coming soon products
  • No features hidden behind paywalls
  • We do not change anything on your theme
  • We take feature requests and seriously care about them.
  • In-app we support English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Deutsch, Chinese languages
  • 100% FREE and 24/7 support

Auto Apply Discount:

During Pre-ordering, merchants can apply the discount if merchants want! and when the product will be in stock discount will be removed and when the product got out of stock discount will be applied for preorder again

Email Notification:

One of our core features is Email notification Merchants can set-up email templates any time with customized text and colors, once pre-order is placed immediately customer will be notified by an email

24x7 Support:

  • In-App Chat
  • Maximum response time is 20 minutes.
  • Join us on live chat for any kind of assistance one our support team is always there for you.

Demo Store password: 12345






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  • 1 Product
  • Apply Discount
  • Collection Page Badge
  • Checkout page Tag
  • Order Tracking, Order Tag
  • Analytics
  • 24h Customer Support



  • All in FREE+
  • 2 Product
  • Pre-order Email notification's
  • 24h Customer Support



  • All in STARTER+
  • 5 Product
  • Pre-order Email notification's
  • 24h Customer Support



  • All in MEDIUM+
  • UNLIMITED Products
  • Pre-order Email notification's
  • 24h Customer Support

* すべての料金はUSDで請求されます。
** 月額や使用料に基づく請求などの定期請求は、30日ごとに請求されます。

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Birch Bark Coffee Company

I am the Founder of Birch Bark Coffee Company Inc. a First Nations owned Bipoc business that is scaling up in the coffee industry very fast. Are sales volumes move quickly and we are ever evolving to streamline our products and platform to ensure consumers have the best experience. Presently, I decided to run with an app that helped me with pre-orders for a special once a year. I was given 3 choices and from those 3 I chose Shopyshaper. Like any app it takes a bit to understand the process and how to intergrade it into your store. I had to reach out to the app team and ask for help. They were very pleasant and helpful through their chat. i am still in the process of our campaign and will still be in the review process till the end of the month on how the app actually pans out. So far I retested the problems and they are working fine. The 2nd person I spoke to was able to fix my problems asap and resolved my issues. I would recommend this app as it is very user friendly once you understand how it works. Mark

Old Lady Gains

Super easy to install and set up. Took me less than 10 minutes. Online help was super fast at customizing the pre-order badge to my shop theme and fixing a small glitch in my buy now checkout pop-up. Can't wait to start pre-selling with this app.

Scrap Time hobby store

I start right yesterday to use the app and i'm in love with... The customer service is smart and solve in a second your questions :)