ShopySlack ‑ Gateway to Slack

ShopySlack ‑ Gateway to Slack

開發者:TraVex Digital

Fast and easy Slack integration


Two-click Integration

The easiest way to integrate Shopify with Slack in just two clicks!

Get notifications in Slack

Instantly receive the information about orders. Customize the types of notifications you want to receive and desired channel.

Seamless Slack integration

Easy to use buttons in Slack to get the most complete info about the order directly in Slack!

有關 ShopySlack ‑ Gateway to Slack

About Shopyslack ‑ Gateway to Slack

Shopyslack offers seamless integration of the Shopify-based store with Slack, allowing sending status notifications. Install the app and connect your Slack workspace with the “Add us to Slack” button. Voila! All you have to set up is to choose the types of events and channels where you want to receive order notifications.


Shopyslack offers a full set of features for free up to 500 messages per day. Just enable the application and let the notifications arrive in your Slack workspace.

Shopyslack can send all types of order notifications:

  • create
  • delete
  • updated
  • paid
  • canceled
  • fulfilled
  • partially fulfilled

Each type of notification can be directed to a specific channel, according to your preferences and needs.

Easy to use Buttons in Slack

Each notification has additional buttons in Slack that will trigger additional info about the event. Just click on the button and receive the most complete information about the event.


  • Slack



  • 隱私政策

定價 15 天免費試用

Free Plan


  • Order events.
  • Each event type can use a different channel.
  • Get additional info with slack buttons.
  • 500 notifications/day.

Pro Plan

每月 $15

  • Same features as Free plan.
  • 15,000 notifications/day.
  • 15-day free trial.

Unlimited plan

每月 $25

  • Same features as Free plan.
  • Unlimited notifications/day.
  • 15-day free trial.

* 所有費用均以 USD 計價。
** 定期費用接按照 30 天為週期收費,包括每月收費或依據使用量收費。

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