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Shout Support

Shout Support

Developed by Shout Support

Price: $4.99 – $18.99 / month Free Trial: 30 days More info
  • Offer chat support without being tied to a desk
  • SMS notifications when customers want to chat
  • Mobile friendly design works on all devices

Have you tested your live chat on a mobile phone?

It isn’t even news that more and more internet usage is being done through mobile devices. Sadly, live chat providers have not kept up with the times and to be blunt, mobile support for live chat stinks! From the beginning stages of development, we at ShoutSupport have made it one of our primary goals to provide an unbelievable level of support for mobil devices, especially compared to any other solution!

Our service looks great on mobile devices even if your website doesn’t. Your visitors can scroll, zoom, tap, rotate your site all day and our live chat service will continue being user friendly and looking great and, of course, that makes you look great!

We actually are a humble company, but when you are the best at something, it is hard not to brag a little bit. Try visiting ShoutSupport.com on your phone right now, we will wait here. Pretty cool, right? Now try that on any one of our competitor's sites, zoom, scroll and watch the live chat become an unusable mess. Not on ShoutSupport.com though, we keep it pretty for you and your customers.

Mobile Ping

Mobile (Pinging) Notification – Here's how it works. Let's say a visitor is checking out your site and wants to chat and you are not there to respond to their request. No problem, our mobile notifier will send out a text to your mobile device letting you know that a visitor is requesting to chat. Once you receive this text notification, it will include a link that, when clicked, will automatically place you directly into the chat conversation with the requester - it's that easy! All this takes place from your mobile device within seconds, totally seamless.

Let's explore some of the real world benefits:

  • Allows you more accessibility along with more flexibility.

  • You will be available to your site visitors 100 percent of the time without having to be constantly anchored to your computer all hours of the day.

  • You will not miss a single visitor desiring to chat from your site.

  • Makes your site accessible to all mobile users. That means an expanded market footprint, more satisfied customers, increased sales, and an increased revenue potential!

  • And don't forget, everything was designed to be super easy to use.
  • So what are you waiting for? Get signed up now and experience this revolutionary feature and start capturing all of your leads while expanding your business presence!

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$4.99 – $18.99 / month
30 days

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Shout Support
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