Show Recent Orders | Sales Pop

Show Recent Orders | Sales Pop

作成: Goldendev | Nice

Show Recent Orders & Social Proof | Sales Pop Up

Show recent sales notification

Sales Pop will boost sales with credible sales notifications! Sales pop as social proof will boost your customers confidence!

Add to cart popups

Translatable cart popups will help you if you don't have many sales. They will show when one adds a product to the cart.

Social proof for more sales!

Sales pop up will show your most recent orders and help you boost your sales just like it helps everyone else!

Show Recent Orders | Sales Popの詳細情報

Show Recent Orders by Nice will create an instant social proof for your store!

Install this application NOW to create an atmosphere of a busy store and instantly BOOST SALES!

Sales pop ups by Nice - Show Recent Orders app will increase your conversion rates by showing your visitors your most recent orders. There is no coding required, so click INSTALL and start displaying nice recent order notifications & cart notifications on your site in less than 30 seconds!

All notifications are translatable!

The app can recognize language by subdomain, domain, URL parameter or Langify id!

1. Recent order notifications

Show Recent Orders app shows your recent sales notifications to your visitors and instantly boosts sales. The app will create a social proof on your store.

2. Cart notifications as social proof

Cart notifications will show whenever somebody adds something to their cart. If you don't have any orders, cart pop ups will make your store look busy and create another social proof element.

3. Boost sales by showing RELEVANT recent sales notifications

You can set the sales pop to first show sales notifications about the product which the user is currently viewing. Relevant popups strengthens customers' confidence to finish the order.

4. Custom pop ups

By creating a custom notification you can alert users about a discount, a product which is back in stock or anything else.

5. Fully customize your notifications

Nice - Show Recent Orders app allows you to customize text color, background color, background pattern, design and a lot more of your notifications.

Our users like the most about our app:

Lets you decide which sales notifications to show

The app shows the newest sales by default, but you can select to show your notifications in random order.

Customize notifications

You can fully redesign the nice recent sales notifications so they fit your shop. Choose between different fonts and colors, select a different background color or pattern for your social proof notifications.

Display pop ups in batches

Displaying batches of pop ups gives the notifications a more natural timing which helps you boost sales.

Sales pop that works

Show Recent Orders was one of the first apps in the marked which offered the sales pop functionality.

Install Show Recent Orders NOW and boost your sales!


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  • social proof,
  • sales pop ups,
  • langify






料金 20日間の無料体験

Free plan


  • Unlimited orders
  • Unlimited notifications
  • Cart notifications
  • Advanced settings
  • A lot of configurable options
  • Fast support!



  • Additional notification designs
  • Translatable notifications
  • Custom colors
  • Custom notifications
  • Batch settings
  • Roundups
  • Advanced statistics

* すべての料金はUSDで請求されます。
** 月額や使用料に基づく請求などの定期請求は、30日ごとに請求されます。

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BF Kaart

very good......i r
ecommend it to everyone :)))))) erre re


I Loved this app. It really Helped bring in many many sales and customers. The app is a Very big help.

Saint Belford

Easy to use and works well. Would be cool if you could A/B test with it on/off to see the difference in conversion rate.