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Integrate Shopify sales into Streamlabs alerts!

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Do you livestream with Streamlabs? Shwitch is for you.

What is Shwitch?

Shwitch takes your Shopify sales, and sends them to Streamlabs where they become an alert in your alert box, popping up on stream just like donations! Providing social proof to your viewers that people are buying your merch and encouraging more sales.

How does this help me?

Social Proof. With the social proof of other people purchasing from your store, viewers are more likely to also make a purchase.

Customers username and message on stream. If enabled, their Twitch username and a custom message can be displayed on stream, showing what they have purchased.

Promote a specific product. Alerts for a specific product remind your viewers about your store, and can be used to celebrate a product launch, or hype up an under-performing product.

What can I customise?

Heaps! Customise your alerts to stand out from follows and donations, or keep them the same so they are all consistent.

  • Message Template
  • Text Highlight Color
  • Alert Duration
  • Alert Image
  • Alert Sound

Does this allow customer messages and Twitch usernames to show up like donations?

Sure does! With some simple modifications to your theme, customer messages and Twitch usernames can be displayed along with the message template that you set.

[Read more about enabling customer messages](

Can I choose what products send alerts?

Yes! Either have all products trigger alerts, or tag only the products that you wish to promote.

How do I get started?

Getting up and running is as simple as installing the Shopify app, and granting permissions for Shwitch to access Streamlabs.

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1.8 af 5 stjerner

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Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Atlanta

This app used to work fine though only the second time each stream. First purchase never worked. Obviously, the purchase initializes some code so it works thereafter. I am now having other issues but I cannot get anyone to answer me, ever. Very unprofessional customer support.


Great app, easy to setup and always get a reply from support when something isn't working. Fantastic for anyone using streamlabs already for alerts.