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  • Save time and money on shipping and fulfillment
  • Connect your Shopify account for seamless integration
  • Flexible pickup times and professional packaging available in select markets

Shyp: Hassle-Free Fulfillment for Shopify Sellers

Shyp offers powerful shipping and fulfillment solutions for Entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes. We come to your door to pick up the orders you need to ship, then pack and ship them for you.
We save you time and money by offering flexible pickup times, multiple carrier options for shipping, and professional packaging. It's easy just-in-time fulfillment of your orders that also makes your customers happy.

3 Easy Steps to Start Shipping

  1. Connect your Shopify account in the Shyp app

  2. Import your orders

  3. Request a pickup through our mobile app, we'll handle the rest

Plus, we fulfill your sale on Shopify and provide tracking information for you and your customers.

Pickup and packaging services are available in San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago through our mobile app on iOS or Android. We pick up the items you need to ship 7 days a week, and protect your shipments with high-quality, custom-made packaging.

Save up to 15% with our volume discount program, and track all of your outgoing shipments from one easy-to-use dashboard, available on web or mobile.

Now available in all U.S. Cities: Instantly compare carrier rates and batch print
shipping labels.

Learn more about the Shyp Shopify solution at

What people are saying about Shyp:

“Shyp is magical.” - NY Times

“Shipping stuff is a hassle. Shyp will do it for you.” - Fast Company

"The Shyp + Shopify integration has helped my small business tremendously. It has cut the time to fulfill my orders in half. Prepping small or large orders has never been easier. Thank you Shyp."

- Francis Almeda, Owner @ ReppinPins.com

“Shyp is amazing. We previously shipped in house using various carriers and had rooms of boxes and packaging material. Shipping used to be a major resource drain with hours a week allocated to fulfillment. With Shyp, our logistics and customer success team has been able to eliminate the cognitive and temporal overhead associated with shipping so we can focus on providing our customers the best digital signage and internal communications platform.“

- Navdeep Reddy, Co-Founder & CIO @ Enplug

Contact Us

For any questions, visit shyp.com/faq or email business@shyp.com.

Twitter: @shyp

Facebook: www.facebook.com/shyp

Instagram: @shyp

Shyp reviews (9)


Shyp has been an incredible partner for us. They were willing and able to ramp up a full blown fulfillment and delivery operation in a tight timeline. Their ability to move fast and the Shopify integration made it possible for us to sell thousands of merchandise over the holiday season. We recommend Shyp as an easy and scalable solution to support your shipping needs!


Shyp has become an important part of our fulfillment process and their amazing customer service has made launching our online store incredibly easy. 100% recommended to any business that is trying to streamline their shipping.


Love the Shyp service - we use it mostly for international shipments. This app is a great addition, but it would be nice to be able to edit the product information once it's been imported from Shopify into Shyp, which doesn't seem possible right now.


We worked with Shyp to deliver thousands of t-shirts to Nasty Women all over the globe. We went viral and sold 1500 shirts in 48 hours! Shyp was essential in making sure we could get these shirts to customers before the election. Without Shyp, we would not have been able to get the items out on time. Shyp's integration with Shopify makes fulfillment so much easier! ++


Used Shyp for my personal packages and now I'm really happy to be able to integrate with our company shipments! From pickup to packaging to delivery, Shyp really handles it all and takes the headache out of the whole process. Setting up a shop is hard enough and we're short-staffed. Not having to worry about packaging materials, labels, tracking, and courier negotiation is really helpful for our growth.


Shyp is an important part of my small business. Easy to use, great customer service, and most importantly: Shyp gets the job done.


Shyp makes things easy. I don't have to think about boxes or shipping prices. Shyp frees up my time and that's the most valuable thing a company can do for you.


This app is amazing. Products go from your orders to Shyp to customers in just a couple of clicks!


Basically the opposite of using UPS.com.

Super easy to setup and use. I think we spent about 2 minutes total before our orders were automatically pulled in to Shyp. Next, they found us the best rate given the size of the shipment and where they were going. They actually found an issue with a customer address that was pulled in from shopify that didn't have a Unit number. We checked with the customer and sure enough it was missing. That right there probably saved us a few calls back and forth with UPS.

We're excited to try out their full-service functionality, so we don't have to pack items or print out labels.

One thing that would be a nice addition is an option to have the same payment card work for multiple users.


No monthly fee, just pay for what you ship.


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