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Back-Office Automation & Enterprise System Integration

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Save Time

Turn your mundane, repetitive tasks into automated code that can be triggered by Shopify events. Let our robots handle the boring stuff.

Worry Less

Automation reduces errors from manual data entry. Also we take care of managing the infrastructure and scaling.

Build Anything

Get started right away with our task templates, or if you have a custom back-end workflow, contact us and we'll help you set it up.

Shypyard Automation 정보

Shypyard is a lightweight Javascript automation platform. Created for Shopify merchants, by Shopify merchants

Do you ever wish you could automate your annoying, repetitive tasks? Or do you spend a lot of time manually moving data from one place to another, such as from your order management tool to your CRM?

As former merchants, we built Shypyard to help solve your custom automation needs - when no existing app will do the job quite the way you want.

Use Cases

  • Automatically tag product or customers based on certain business logic
  • Every day, import new products from a CSV or XML file into your store
  • Real-time synchronization of various pricing rules between Shopify and your ERP
  • Email a personalized discount to VIP customers when they miss a promotion period
  • Real-time synchronization between your CRM and your Order Management System
  • Automatically email your suppliers when inventory runs low and simultaneously notify your purchasing team

How it works

  1. Set up a task. Start from one of our pre-built automation templates, or use our guided visual Javascript editor (Node 12) to create a new task
  2. Decide when your task should run. You can trigger your automation based on one or more Shopify events, or on a repeating cadence.
  3. Sit back and relax. We handle all the backend infrastructure, like managing server uptime, monitoring for anomalies, scaling up as you grow, retrying when tasks fail, logging the task output, etc.

Technical Features

  1. A guided Javascript task builder with pre-built templates. Write fully-featured code with Node.js 12 and install any javascript (npm) libraries you want. Our coding guides help
  2. Task can be triggered by all Shopify events (webhooks), scheduler or manual trigger.
  3. Every time a task is run, we keep a detailed log of the execution details
  4. Native integration with many third party services
  5. Built-in database and file system for building complex automations
  6. Separate development and production production environments. Create and test your automation tasks in a sandbox without worrying about interfering with tasks actually running in your store.
  7. Built with security in mind. All sensitive credentials are kept encrypted

... and much more to discover in the app.

And please email us ( if you have a custom automation and need any help getting started.


  • sftp,
  • mysql,
  • email,
  • Mailchimp,
  • Stocky,
  • ERP

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$0.01 per extra task run

  • 20 tasks
  • 4000 Runs included
  • 5 Concurrent Runs
  • 7 Days Log Retention
  • 10 second timeout per task
  • Basic memory
  • Minimal support



contact us for additional capacity or features

  • unlimited tasks
  • 20,000 Runs included
  • 15 Concurrent Runs
  • 14 Days Log Retention
  • 30 second timeout per task
  • Medium memory
  • Priority support


무료 설치

Contact us at for if you need custom integrations or enterprise support plan

  • Please email us at to discuss your automation and integration needs.
  • Enterprise level SLAs available.

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SANDALBOYZ Official Store

We were interesting in using Shypyard to do a custom integration with our Zendesk ticketing system. Specifically, we wanted to sync Zendesk ticket tags to their corresponding Shopify orders so we could better understand in the Shopify platform where our returns/exchanges were coming from. Shypyard has a very flexible coding environment and the team was very helpful in helping us out with some custom code.

Modern Bungalow

The Shypyard team was amazing. I almost feel bad for the amount of time they spent understanding my needs for my integration and exactly how my business is set up, creating a solution and making tweaks. Their communication was super quick and clear and within a couple of weeks they built the perfect integration that is saving me HOURS of work every week. Awesome experience and the code is working perfectly. Highly recommend.

Cotton GOs

We asked the team at Shypard to help us write an automation that can help us generate a CSV report to show the net revenue of each of our product sales during a pre-order, and that's exactly what they delivered. This automation saves us somewhere between 20 to 30 minutes after every pre-order and it's truly made a huge difference to our workflow. The team is very responsive, patient and knows what they are doing. If there are small glitches with the tasks, they are super quick to respond (even if they are located in a completely different timezone) and the problem gets fixed right away. I would 100% recommend this app to anyone who are looking for unique solutions and automations for their Shopify store, this is a team of developers you can trust :)