Animated Sidebar Promo Banner

Animated Sidebar Promo Banner

de SideMonkey

Promote your store and increase sales with an animation bar

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Boost sales & grow cart value

Promote profitable items & collections with an animated sidebar banner that shoppers love. Direct users where you want them to purchase.

Promote sales & special events

Black Friday is coming? Having a sale? Use the side bar to drive shoppers to your special events or to purchase your top grossing items.

Premium banners ; Easy set up

Creating your animated designed banner takes a second. Easily customize text, style, animation and graphics. Looks superb on all devices.

Acerca de Animated Sidebar Promo Banner

New feature: Choose from a variety of animations to fit your needs. Shapes, emojis, seasonal and more.

New feature: Use any font and any color palette to perfectly match your store

Add a sidebar to your store to drive more sales. Don't miss out on this powerful marketing channel to increase cart value in your store and promote the products you'd like to your users.

Quick setup The SideMonkey sidebar is designed to make your life easy.

All you need to do is:

  1. Choose one of our designer grade banners.
  2. Modify the messaging as you like.
  3. Link the banner to an item or collection. That's it!

Popular Use Cases Use the banner to:

  • Maximize a sale or event you are holding. Black Friday, Cyber monday or a special event.
  • Drive sales to a collection you wish to push forward.
  • Encourage users to purchase a profitable item or product. Increase Cart Value SideMonkey lets you easily update your messaging. This lets you better control the mix of products sold: you can promote your most profitable items and a week later change the banner to drive traffic to a collection you with to advance.

You can also use the app to better announce and bring to the front promotions you are holding, Black Friday sale, Cyber Monday sale, holiday specials and other events.

All in all, SideMonkey will help your store achieve the heights it can reach.

We Understand You and are Here to Help As small business owners, we understand the need for human support that is attentive to your needs.

With SideMonkey you will get personalized support and whatever help you need.

Install SideMonkey sidebar now and start making more money from your store! You are a few clicks away from the store you deserve!

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Instalación gratuita

$4/mo for PREMIUM 👑 subscription. Unlimited sidebar banner views, premium customization (animation, fonts etc.)

4.9 con 5 estrellas

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hedo computers

Not sure now if I want to pay 4 dollars for options That were Free Before, app is still ok nut now four dollars for selectiing color I like ? Love the app, easy install and configure. Easy configurable. Does What it is supposed to do. No Hassle with setup etc… Love That it is Free!! Great work
Been using it nog for A Month no problem so far

KheenKhaab®-Designer Studio

Awesome App...Beautifully designed very simple to use......Introducing more text formatting options and some gif animations will make this app super cool