Sign by Phone

Sign by Phone

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Allow recipients to sign for parcels with their smartphone

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Simple to set up

It takes 2 minutes to add a recipient and generate a code for any package you send out.

Confirmation sent in realtime

You get notified of the delivery delivery as soon as your customer scans the code

Drive repeat sales

Replace printed flyers with a digital ‘thank you’ message, offers or discount codes tailored to your specific customer.

关于 Sign by Phone

Simple, safe contact-free confirmation of delivery.

Allow recipients to sign for your parcels with their smartphones, avoiding direct contact. Ideal if you are using local couriers that may not have a formal method of delivery tracking.

Simple set up to minimise disruption to your business

Give your customers the ability to sign for packages without having to handle devices from delivery drivers or risk direct contact. Creating the scannable label takes just 2 minutes. Once generated the recipient gets a notification to let them know how to scan the code (also repeated on the label)

Digital confirmation sent to you in realtime

You get notified as soon as your customer confirms the delivery of your item. Manage recipients via the dashboard.

Display offers at the point of delivery to drive repeat sales

Reduce paper waste by replacing your marketing flyers with digital offers that are activated once the code is scanned by your customer. This way they see your offer on their device rather than ignoring your printed marketing material.






  • Free up to 10 labels per month



  • Generate up to 20 labels per month



  • Generate up to 50 labels per month



  • Generate up to 500 labels per month

* 所有费用均以美元结算。 经常性费用(包括每月费用或基于使用情况的费用)每 30 天收取一次。

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