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1 april 2024

Interface is relatively simple to use. Unfortunately when you need them don't expect them to be there for you. We've been a customer of Signifyd since the app was new and have never filed for a chargeback claim reimbursement. We've used the guarantee for only orders that were concerning to us ('pay as you go' plan), but even those that were guaranteed never went to a claim so our account has been pure profit for them.
We just found out that they decided to stop supporting the plan that we have been on and closed our account. They didn't send any notification that the account was going to be closed nor that it was closed, and no way to get it back without a $500 monthly minimum spend. Apparently small businesses aren't worth their time.

Cubic Zirconia CZ
Nästan 8 år användning av appen
Redigerat 17 juni 2021

We only use them because they are the best option in this space. They have lots of reasons why they don't pay you which we can understand. However, they have "forgot" to pay us two times already but they are very quick to take their fees out every month. We pay thousands a month in service fees but they "forget" to pay us for $80 reimbursements... But I guess that's how all insurance companies work and make money... They take your money for insurance but they "forget" to pay out on claims. *Update*
If you have any customer service issues regarding payment, they send a generic email and don't bother to answer their phone calls. They will service your issue and then ask you to update your review but then 3 months, down the road, they "forget" to pay you again. This is ridiculous. You literally have to hound them to get paid.

Ungefär 2 år användning av appen
6 juni 2017

The service seems alright, but for a tech company with millions in funding, the user-experience is HORRIBLE.

Modo Boxing
2 månader användning av appen
27 juli 2017

Was very hopeful for this app, but when my best friend got declined as a high risk, I lost hope with any information provided. Average information you cannot rely on.

6 dagar användning av appen