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118 reviews
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  • Optimize Operations: Signifyd provides decisions in a second. Review all the details on a beautiful dashboard. Speed up order fulfillment.
  • Sell Confidently: Get a guaranteed fraud protection on all transactions. Domestic or International.
  • Get Peace of Mind Today: Simply start a trial, activate protection and never worry about fraudulent chargebacks again.

Signifyd solves the challenges that growing e-commerce businesses persistently face: billions of dollars lost in chargebacks, customer dissatisfaction from mistaken declines, and operational costs due to tedious, manual transaction investigation.

Signifyd's guaranteed fraud protection is supported by a full-service cloud platform that automates fraud prevention allowing businesses to increase sales and open new markets while reducing risk.

When a customer places an order with your Shopify store, Signifyd automatically reviews the order and tells you whether to ship it or not. We back our decisions with chargeback protection (through a 100% financial guarantee) so you can focus on growing your business with zero fraud liability.

Standard pricing for our month to month service is 1% for guarantee orders. We offer several plans for different business needs and sizes. View our pricing page to learn more.


Zero fraud liability - When we approve an order, we stake our name on it. Every Signifyd transaction is guaranteed to contribute to your bottom line, so you can maximize your revenue without the risk. If you get a chargeback, we pay you back within 48 hours including chargeback fees & shipping.

Ship more - With Signifyd's industry leading approval rates, accept more domestic and international orders that you would normally decline.

Automate your back office - Skip the research and the wait for a customer call-back. We'll also automate your back office so that orders are fulfilled automatically. Every decision comes with a beautiful report that includes a score and a detailed explanation.

Integrate in minutes - Signifyd sets up in minutes. Simply install this app and you’ll instantly see orders coming in, with full data enrichment.


Automatically send orders to Signifyd for chargeback protection - When a customer places an order with your Shopify store, Signifyd automatically reviews the order and tells you whether to ship it or not. We back our decisions with chargeback protection (through a 100% financial guarantee) so you can focus on growing your business with zero fraud liability.

Configure order workflows based on Signifyd’s guarantee decision - Save time and resources by automating your back office based on Signifyd’s decision, automatically shipping good orders and canceling fraudulent ones. Easily configure workflows to automatically capture orders Signifyd has approved for guarantee, and cancel ones that Signifyd has declined for guarantee.

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Signifyd reviews

118 reviews
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  5. 1 star (12 reviews)

We use Signifyd on our wholesale watches & jewellery website, www.sell4profit.co.uk It enables us to feel confident when sending out orders. In the past we have used PayPal and we amounted a huge amount of chargebacks. So we are really happy that we have found this fantastic app, that seamlessly integrates to Shopify


They advertise "Never charge a charge back again" False and misleading!!
They are refusing to cover a charge back i have and are now making up excuses.
Avoid these guys. AVOID


The app worked well. No issue when we used it.


Works great and saves us the worry of shipping across town or across the country.


BEWARE! We are a very high volume retail store + Shopify Plus Merchant, and work with quite a few applications, even during early beta stages. We have been a long time user of Signifyd, basically using their rating system to make final decisions on orders that were borderline cases. Recently we decided to try their guarantee option on some higher valued orders. Unfortunately we received a chargeback for one case that was approved + guaranteed.

We followed all the guidelines and opened a reimbursement case, and this is where their true colors show.

1. 6 days after filing our case, we never received a response from their team. We sent 2 followup emails with no responses as well.

2. On the 9th day we checked the case again, and they labeled the case is ineligible because it has been past 30 days since they asked for more information. How does that make sense? We only opened the case 9 days ago.

Now If you are going to use their system to just to just review information, the platform works fine, but if want to use their chargeback guarantee option, we highly recommend to stay away. This application is definitely too good to be true.


This app is a must have! Do not, I repeat, DO NOT rely on Shopify to stop fraudulent orders. If you have a chargeback without Signfyd, you should just kiss your money goodbye. I wish I had this installed when I first opened my business. I've had two chargebacks that were made before I installed this app.

One thing, Signifyd does not always make the right decisions when it comes to declining coverage. I have a few customers that I know and work with, who were declined a guarantee. Also, most of my orders that come through Amazon are declined because of their email address being hidden. This is the only reason why I am giving 4 stars and not 5.


Good app and does what it says. It has an algorithm which will automatically approve or decline a transaction. There have been a couple of high ticket items that the app had declined but with a little bit of research, I submitted evidence that the order was legit (finding customer data on the web, mostly via Google and social media), I got signifyd to approve them in the end. It can sometimes take a couple of days for them to personally review the risk of an order, which is not great if you are an online retailer and quick delivery is key.
That is why it gets 3/5. Algorithm gets it right 8/10 times and when you want to re-apply a declined transaction for approval, it can take a couple days. Otherwise, am happy with this app. We signed up for 1% off all transactions go to them, they are making a killing off of us. No fraudulent order has yet been claimed since we've selected this app so cannot vouch for its Chargeback promise to pay back.


You need this app if you have big ticket items! Signifyd is Amazing! It’s really seamless and works exactly as advertised. We have been using it for a few weeks now and we have had no problems. Looks like a lot of effort went into making features that actually work. I would definitely recommend this app to anyone on Shopify. We look forward to seeing more apps come from y’all!

From all the guys (and girl) here at https://www.brooklynfixedgear.com, Thank you!


Was very hopeful for this app, but when my best friend got declined as a high risk, I lost hope with any information provided. Average information you cannot rely on.


We are happy with the Signifyd app so far (it's only been a couple of months). We definitely feel less worried about receiving any charge backs, which is a relief. The setup was painless, and there have not been any glitches. We will update our review if we receive a chargeback. Thanks Signifyd!


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