Similarity | Similar Items

Similarity | Similar Items

StyleAde Similar Products

You aren't recommending Similar Products to your customers?

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1-click Installation

It takes a minute (and no technical expertise!) to install the Similar Items widget on your Shop

AI Recommendations

Use the power of Artificial Intelligence that's been trained on millions of data points

High Customer Retention

Provide the best offer to your customers and they won't search elsewhere for similar products

Similarity | Similar Items 정보

Did you know Amazon boosts revenue significantly by recommending relevant products to shoppers?

Relevant and similar product suggestions for your customers improves their experience by helping them discover your entire offering. This prevents them from bouncing to your competitors to find similar products. And they ultimately make a purchase with you.

By helping you recommend relevant products, the Similar Products Widget leads to increased conversion rates and reduced cart abandonment or bounce rates for your Shop. The module helps your customers browse products that are relevant to their visual style preference, narrowing down their search for the products they're looking for. This in turn ensures better product visibility and discovery along with higher user engagement and retention.

Here is what you get with the Similarity app

  • Fully automated similar product suggestions
  • Easy Upsell and Cross-Sell to boost revenue
  • Increased engagement (CTR) and conversion (CR)
  • Analytics Dashboard to see Sales influenced by Similarity *NEW*
  • Preview of Suggested Results for your entire catalog *NEW*

Also, important to know that the app...

  • Requires no technical assistance to install with any kind of online store
  • Shows recommendations as soon as you install it
  • Loads in sync with the spotlight product
  • Automatically syncs with your products
  • Blends in with your website design as if it were native

Integrating a Similar Products Widget into your online store is a no-brainer. What are you waiting for?

Click that Install button now!

Still not convinced, check out our upcoming features:

  • Advanced customizations: Options to change the look and details on the widget *Coming Soon*
  • Manually select results for products *Coming Soon*
  • Add weightage for high margin products and/or fastest selling products *Coming Soon*
  • Data about the sales influenced through our app *Coming Soon*
  • Live chat support function *Coming Soon*

PS: Works best for fashion and lifestyle products

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  • Free Forever
  • Up to 250 products
  • 1 On-demand Sync/day
  • Customize widget name
  • Basic Insights



  • 14 days free trial
  • Up to 1000 products
  • 5 On-demand Syncs/day
  • Advanced Customizations
  • Advanced Insights



  • On contact
  • More than 1000 products
  • 10 On-demand Syncs/day
  • Advanced Customizations
  • Advanced Analytics

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Hello Shopify users, I found this app and was first sceptical but after putting it I am amazed how great this app works and what a professional touch it gives to my fashion boho brand website.
The customer service is outstanding and personal, Really super motivated real people.. I don't want to be without the similar product app anymore .highly recommended.


I'm so glad to be this app's 1st review! This app is wonderful, and it's so easy to setup. A couple clicks and you are ready to go. I had a request for a small programming tweak and they were happily able to do it for me (and everyone!) who uses the app. Check out my store's product pages to see this app live in action! I am now able to cross-sell and it really does work! I sell soaps and as soon as I loaded a new product, I was able to cross sell a soap dish along with 4 bars of soap, some based on these "Similar" recommendations. It would be silly not to use this FREE app!! If I have an issue, they are only an email away and more than willing to help. I wish all my store's apps were as easy and friendly to use. 5 stars!!