Simile | Visual Search

Simile | Visual Search


AI-Powered Product Search Using Images

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Improved Conversions

Provide your customers advanced search options to encourage and accelerate conversions.

AI-Powered Visual Search

Our AI image search will analyze and categorize customers' uploaded images to find visually similar products in your product catalog.

Easy Setup Without Coding

Plug and play with easy one-click installation and background sync to keep everything running smoothly and up to date.

关于 Simile | Visual Search

Accelerate conversions by providing engaging and advanced ways for customers to search for products they love in your store. Empower customers with the ability to use photos they’ve taken or found through social media to find visually similar products from your product catalog. In addition, you will be able to further enhance your product discovery through advanced filters and fast search results.

Key Benefits

  • Improved Conversions
  • AI-Powered Image Detection and Visual Search
  • Easy Setup Without Coding

Improved Conversions:

Offering a faster, unique, and personalized shopping experience is proven to result in higher conversions and increased customer retention. Additionally, having more convenient ways to search through product catalogs results in expedited conversions.

AI-Powered Visual Search:

Empower your customers with a more interactive and personalized search experience. With Simile’s AI Visual Search, customers will be able to search your product catalog using their own uploaded images or visually similar product images found in your store.

Easy Setup Without Coding:

Improve efficiency through automated product sync. Our apps will automatically update with your inventory and function seamlessly without any intervention.

Additional Great Features:

Simile Visual Search & Filters offers additional features such as collection filters, instant search, and insightful analytics dashboard.

Collection Filters:

When it comes to large product catalogs; collection filters save the day. This feature paves the way for easy navigation of large catalogs by narrowing down the search with relevant product characteristics such as color, size, price, and more. This feature is available through our paid plans

Instant Search:

Simile’s Instant Search is not only faster - but also offers additional features such as search suggestions and accompanying product images. This creates an easier shopping experience that is not reliant on exact word matches. This feature is available through our paid plans.

Analytics Dashboard:

Learn more about your customer’s shopping behavior through our intuitive analytics dashboard. Gain insights on how and what your customers search for in your store.

World-Class Support Team:

Our team is happy to help you get the most out of our apps. Whether you need customization or any specific additional features, our team will be ready to assist you via email.

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  • Up to 500 products
  • Visual Search



  • Remove "Powered by" branding
  • Visual Search



  • Up to 2500 products (Priced is $14.99 for no limit products)
  • All Starter Features
  • Instant search
  • Collection filter



  • Up to 2500 products (Price is $29.99 for no limit products)
  • All Lite Features
  • Data analytics

* 所有费用均以USD结算。
** 经常性费用(包括每月费用或基于使用情况的费用)每 30 天收取一次。

4.3 评分


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Good app . It's helpful and easy. Support is very cool level. I like this app and you can try FREE too.



Thank you very much for your review.

Veinte 07

I am using this app to identify auto parts and I have been amazed by the customer support. They helped me install the app and custom fit it within my web site. Their response time is incredibly fast. Thanks Simile for you awesome customer support.



Thank you for your review. We're glad to assist you.


This app is horrible. EVERYTHING good about the advertisement is in the paid plans. NOT FREE PLAN. Its just not good marketing when you say you have a free plan, show all this cool stuff the app can do, but then not have it available in the free plan. Uninstalling waste of time