Simile | Smart Bundles

Simile | Smart Bundles


Automated 'Frequently Bought Together' Bundles and Discounts.

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Increase Average Order Values

Encourage customers to buy more products by offering bundled recommendations with enticing incentives.

Automation Powered by AI

Automatically generate Amazon-like 'frequently bought together' bundles with our AI.

Easy Setup Without Coding

Plug and play with one click installation and background sync to keep everything running smoothly and up to date.

Simile | Smart Bundles 정보

Increase your store’s average cart value and conversions through our AI-Powered Smart Bundles.

With Simile’s Smart Bundles your shoppers will be incentivized to purchase more products with bundled suggestions. By grouping additional recommendations along with enticing discounts and promos - your store can significantly increase average order values, resulting in increased conversions and revenues.

Key Benefits

  • Increase Order Values
  • Automation Powered by AI
  • Easy Setup Without Coding

Increase Order Values:

Your customers will be exposed to more products from your catalog along with enticing incentives - proven to boost average order values.

Automation Powered by AI:

Automatically generate 'frequently bought together' bundles. The bundles are generated based on existing sales data and improve overtime as more data becomes available. Options for manual customization are available through our paid plans.

Easy Setup Without Coding:

Offer smart and personalized product bundles without lifting a finger. After installation, Simile will automatically sync and bundle your products based on previous sales and behavioral data.

Additional Great Features:

Simile Smart Bundles offers additional features such as: customizable bundles available through our paid plans, as well as increased sales and revenue.

Fully Customizable:

Simile Smart Bundles app is fully customizable through our paid plan. You have the option to manually create any bundle of your choice in just a few easy steps. You can manually select the products as well as the number of products featured per bundle.

Boost Sales & Revenue:

Offering personalized, relevant, and incentivized product recommendations are proven to result in increased average cart values, conversions as well as revenues.

World-Class Support Team:

Our team is happy to help you get the most out of our apps. Whether you need a custom design or any specific additional features: our team will be ready to assist you via email.

We encourage you to take a look at our reviews and for you to leave us one as well!

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Free Forever


  • Automated AI-powered product bundles
  • Advanced machine learning model
  • Showcase bundles on product pages or pop-up
  • Background product sync

Basic Plan


  • Remove "powered by Simile" branding
  • Option to manually edit bundles
  • Change number of items in product bundles
  • Apply bundle discounts

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I like the app, it did exactly what it said it would. Highly recommended for anyone looking to automate as many functions as possible. Bundles are customizable too, and customers have actually purchased them which I was surprised to see.

개발자 회신

2021년 4월 23일

Thank you for your review. We are glad that you like our App. Feel free to contact us if you need any help.


The automated bundles make no sense at all and you have to manually update each one. Not the app for us at all.

개발자 회신

2020년 9월 24일

Thank you for your review and feedback! We are sorry that our app was not able to meet your expectations. We will continue working on it to provide our customers with a better experience in the future. We hope you will come back to try our app again in the future!

Rosy & Co

I'm really happy with the bundles from this app! It's pretty straight-forward to use and the app automatically generates bundles for me that I can go back in and tweak if needed. Works great for my store since I have clothing items from different categories.

Thanks Simile!!

개발자 회신

2019년 12월 7일

We are glad that you like our App. Feel free to contact us if you need any help.