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Contacted Customer service for a simple task and they promptly responded. Super helpful and direct. no fluff. just assistance. love it!

Thuren Fabrication
Freshly Commerceが返信しました 2022年7月4日

Thanks so much for your great review of our support staff! 🌻


The support team is great and helps you troubleshoot any and all issues that arise. Thank you so much

Freshly Commerceが返信しました 2022年9月8日

We're so happy we could help. 💫


App was easy to understand and use. I love the fact that it creates a line item. And if you can't figure it out, support will be right there! Amazing response and help. Will continue to use this app 100%.

CalChip Connect
Freshly Commerceが返信しました 2022年1月13日

Thanks for your great review! ⭐️ Please don't hesitate to reach out to us again if there's anything else we can help with!


He usado esta aplicación para crear packs y no he encontrado ninguna otra que tenga tantas opciones y sea tan fácil de configurar como esta. Además de todo el soporte técnico es muy amable y rápido, contestando siempre todas las dudas que he tenido al hacer la integración. Recomendado 100%

Colchón Morfeo
Freshly Commerceが返信しました 2022年9月8日

We're so happy you found us. Thanks so much for your review and for working with our team! 🙌


We had a specific goal we wanted to achieve through this app that wasn't readily available at that time, and Gimbert (Technical Merchant Advisor) assisted me thoroughly while he was implementing the feature we need for our Shopify store.

Emma's bedroom
Freshly Commerceが返信しました 2022年5月19日

Thanks for working with our team! We hope your customers are loving your new bundles. 🥰


I've been using the Simple Bundles app for a while now and it's been an absolute game-changer for my Shopify store. The range of bundle types this app allows you to create is simply unparalleled. From mix-and-match and multipacks to subscription sets and curated sets, I've been able to utilize the full spectrum of bundling options to engage my customers and elevate my sales.

One of the standout features for me is its ability to handle single-SKU and multi-SKU bundle types with the same level of efficiency. This, coupled with the capacity for Infinite Option bundle types, means the possibilities for customizing your product offerings are nearly limitless.

I was also pleasantly surprised at how seamless it made the shopping experience, both online and at Point of Sale (POS). The interface is incredibly user-friendly, and not once have I needed to fiddle with code to make adjustments. It's truly an app designed with the user in mind.

Moreover, the sync feature with 3PL fulfillment partners, Warehouse Management System (WMS), and shipping software is a lifesaver. The integration with popular platforms such as ShipStation, Amazon's FBA/MCF, and Deliverr ensures a smooth operation from order placement to product delivery.

The Simple Bundles app has undeniably transformed the way I manage my Shopify store. It has streamlined my operations, maximized my product offerings, and most importantly, amplified my sales. If you're on Shopify and looking to enhance your store's potential, I highly recommend you give Simple Bundles a try.

This app is more than just a tool - it's a valuable ally for any e-commerce entrepreneur.

Freshly Commerceが返信しました 2023年8月31日

Thanks for sharing your experience with Simple Bundles. We're so happy to hear all this. 🥹


I searched through several bundling apps and this was the only one that did exactly what I wanted! I needed to restrict the options to particular variants of products. Highly recommended and the support team are great too.

Flourish and Leaf
Freshly Commerceが返信しました 2022年10月24日

Thanks so much for leaving us a great review! 🥰 We're so happy that you're enjoying Simple Bundles.


(Edit : semble corrigé) Bug sur les packs. Lorsque j'ai un produit X contenant plusieurs produits Y et qu'en plus j'ai un excédent de produits Y en loose, on me demande si je veux changer la quantité je décoche mais ça la change quand même :/

Freshly Commerceが返信しました 2022年9月8日

Thanks for your review and for working with our team. 🙌


Very smooth to work with, the Customer is outstanding! If any issues you'd run into, they'll give you plenty of resources that answer your case!

Cannabis Hardware
Freshly Commerceが返信しました 2022年3月17日

Thanks for your great review! ✨


Amazing support! Highly recommend this app for your needs. The team is kind and attentive with your needs

Net Zero Co.
Freshly Commerceが返信しました 2023年3月30日

Thanks so much for your 5-star review! ✨