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Redigert 16. januar 2024

I thought creating bundles would be super hard to do, but this app made it so easy for me. And when I did have a little issue, team member Stella responded quickly to my question. I thought I'd end up with the issue unresolved for a day or two, but I received an email within about an hour. And she instantly sent over ways to troubleshoot the issue and was ready to jump on and help. Problem was solved quickly. And she made sure to follow-up and answer any additional questions. Nothing beats a team that jumps on a problem quickly knowing it can affect the sales on your website.

LEWA Candle Company
Rundt 2 måneder bruker appen
16. januar 2024

Simple Bundles truly makes everything easy. We've used another app before that was horribly complicated, hard to understand how it works and thus made more problems than it solved. Simple Bundles now meets exactly our needs, is easy to understand, is 100% reliable - and last but not least: it has a super fast, friendly and really competent support team! I would warmly recommend it.

OEL Berlin B2B
Rundt 2 måneder bruker appen
18. desember 2023

We needed to add a couple of mix-n-match bundles to our Shopify store. After reviewing a few apps, we chose Simple Bundles because the reviews were great and they had a free option for a limited number of mix-n-match bundles. We also tried a couple of other apps. We finally went with SimpleBundles because it was hands down the best due to its simple interface and excellent functionality. But there is more. They offer fantastic support! If you face any problem - even if you are a non-paying user - you will get fast and quality support. A few days after going live we encountered some technical issues and emailed them for help on a Friday. To our delight, they responded within a couple of hours to first fully understand our issue and escalate it to the technical team. An hour later the technical team emailed use, having identified our issue and told us how to fix it. In a few minutes everything was working perfectly again! In short, I would highly recommend SimpleBundles, not just because the App is great but also because it is backed by excellent support.

27 dager bruker appen
Freshly Commerce svarte 21. desember 2023

We so appreciate your thoughtful review. Thanks for choosing Simple Bundles and for your kind words about our team. All the best this holiday season!

13. januar 2024

This app made it easy for us to create the bundles we wanted to set up. When we had trouble setting it up, the app team was very helpful in getting back to us immediately and resolving the issue quickly.

Green Spa Hawaii
4 måneder bruker appen
28. desember 2023

I think this is a really great option. I chose to install Simple Bundles 2.0, and it works really well. I had a few specific things I wanted to change in terms of format, and the team stepped right in and edited code on our site to make it work the way I wanted it to. They were very responsive and super helpful, which I appreciated. My only issue is that some edits to your infinite bundle cause all of the options you've created to be reset. I couldn't figure out how to avoid this, so a few times, I had to rebuild the entire bundle, which took some time because I had a lot of options. So my lesson learned was to double-check my work to avoid typos and weird issues, so that I didn't have to edit or redo anything. But that's a minor inconvenience for the flexibility this app offers my customers.

23 dager bruker appen
27. desember 2023

The app works very well. What I like most about it is that I have a lot of options without having to pay the most for it. I had some issues at first, but their support has been very fast to help me and thankfully, my bundled products are now ready to go leaving me one step closer to going live with my new site very soon.

Misty's Suds On Wheels
22 dager bruker appen
30. januar 2024

Awesome app with amazing customer service. I wish there were more people like Shadia & the rest of the crew. They are super sweet, super attentive and give fast effective results. I needed help setting up my bundle and I tried and tried again all before asking them for help when I’m glad I did. It’s a pretty cool app with amazing people behind it. 10/10 Highly recommended

8 dager bruker appen
12. desember 2023

This is a great bundle app. App support and dev team worked hard on getting v2.0 out which was necessary for us to be able to use it. They also have been listening to our requests and working to build them into the app.

Simon Says Stamp
4 måneder bruker appen
Freshly Commerce svarte 21. desember 2023

Thank you for your review and for all your great feedback! 🎁

8. januar 2024

Simple Bundles and Kits works well for us. It allows us to sell products on the website and then convert that into a list of components for our workshop and maintain an accurate stock of the components.

The tool is easy enough to set up bundles, but for our use case because there was a significant number of configurations to set up, we simply used a csv upload, which worked fine and got us going in one hit.

I have found the team at Freshly Commerce to be really supportive - often getting back on queries within a couple of hours.

6 dager bruker appen
7. januar 2024

Very easy to set up and use, and performs exactly as promised. When I ran into a problem support was great. I left a modestly detailed description of my issue and in no time got back a thorough response. Despite us being on the free plan at the time, It was clear that Stella B had read my problem and researched what we had already done. She vectored right in on the problem and provided clear steps to fix it. Problem solved in no time and everything is working really well.

Inked Bread Co.
9 dager bruker appen