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3. juni 2024

Simple to use app that accomplishes exactly what I'm looking to do within my shop. There's a lot of flexibility and customization that can be achieved with minor tweaks and I've been able to implement customizations myself with the help of their documentation.

When I do have a question, the support team has been extremely responsive. I've been impressed that they will actually follow up with you a few days after your inquiry to ensure that their solution worked - this simply doesn't happen with most of my apps.

Galactic Snacks
Over 1 år bruker appen
14. mai 2024

Great quick customer service from this app. We had an issue, and even though they say it can take up to a day or so to get a response, we received prompt service within minutes. They were able to resolve our issue very quickly. And what makes it even more impressive is we are still on their free plan, although I'm sure if we need more access we will most likely be upgrading to a paid plan.

Poofy Organics
9 måneder bruker appen
Freshly Commerce svarte 27. mai 2024

Thanks so much for your review. 🤩 So happy to hear about your experience with our support team!

10. juli 2024

100% recommend this app for pairing your single unit products into bundles! Very good customer service, which replies in less than an hour. Thank for making our store easier to manage

9 måneder bruker appen
13. mai 2024

I tried a few bundling apps before landing on this one, but they were either too complicated to get set up right or didn't do what I needed them to do or customer service wasn't responsive enough or they didn't have a nice looking, customizable user interface. This app does what I need it to do and is easy to set up and looks good from the shopper's point of view too. Customer support is also very responsive.

7 måneder bruker appen
Freshly Commerce svarte 27. mai 2024

Thanks for sharing your experiences with our app and support team! 🎁 We really appreciate it.

7. juni 2024

This app has allowed us to build great bundles with customizable dropdowns that allow our customers to "Build their own" kits. Customer service has been great and handled quickly. We asked for a bit of custom code and for a feature, and it was implemented within 24 hours!

Bitchin' Sauce
Rundt 2 måneder bruker appen
3. juli 2024

Simple Bundles and kits was a game-changer for our company. While other apps either don’t offer any kind of free plan, or don’t offer infinite bundles on a free plan, Simple Bundles allowed us as a self-funded side business, the chance to increase our average order value, and it has been really effective.

Simple bundles and kits is aesthetically pleasing, clean, and easy to use. They also have clearly invested in a great customer support team - shout out to Shadia, who has never taken longer than 30m to answer a question of mine effectively.

Soule Socks
Hongkong SAR Kina
Rundt 1 måned bruker appen
19. juni 2024

Great customer support throughout from start to finish. We've been working on bundles for a while and when we had some specific requests and features, the support team were nothing but helpful to let us achieve our goals. 100% would recommend!!

Rapanui Clothing
Rundt 2 måneder bruker appen
17. juli 2024

Easy to use, excellent customer support. Exactly what I needed to build my custom apparel bundles.

Jaipur Morni USA
6 måneder bruker appen
14. juni 2024

Great customer support! Responds quickly and always available to provide assistance!

11 måneder bruker appen
4. april 2024

Simple Bundles is the best bundles app I have tried (and I think I tried them all). In particular, it is way better than Shopify's own recently released Bundles app, which is buggy and (perhaps deliberately) lacks key functionality.

The best bundle type that Simple Bundles allows you to make is the "Infinite Options" bundle. This is what it sounds like - no restrictions on the number of variants, the number of products, etc. What a blessing for shops that want to build complex bundles for their customers.

It also works seamlessly with Product Options apps (like Easify), so customers can enter custom info like their measurements, and Simple Bundles keeps this information for you (unlike Shopify's Bundles app, which loses it).

Thankyou Simple Bundles!

Fins and Foam Freediving
11 måneder bruker appen
Freshly Commerce svarte 17. april 2024

Thanks so much for your detailed review and sharing how you've set up your infinite options bundles. 🥹 We're grateful to be working with merchants like you.