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Simple Bundles is the best bundles app I have tried (and I think I tried them all). In particular, it is way better than Shopify's own recently released Bundles app, which is buggy and (perhaps deliberately) lacks key functionality.

The best bundle type that Simple Bundles allows you to make is the "Infinite Options" bundle. This is what it sounds like - no restrictions on the number of variants, the number of products, etc. What a blessing for shops that want to build complex bundles for their customers.

It also works seamlessly with Product Options apps (like Easify), so customers can enter custom info like their measurements, and Simple Bundles keeps this information for you (unlike Shopify's Bundles app, which loses it).

Thankyou Simple Bundles!

Fins and Foam Freediving
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Freshly Commerce已回复 2024年4月17日

Thanks so much for your detailed review and sharing how you've set up your infinite options bundles. 🥹 We're grateful to be working with merchants like you.


I have hundreds of products that consist of component products and wanted an app that helps me to get the inventory numbers right. After weeks of searching in the app store, I found two apps that can do what I need. And this one here was the only one that offers bulk bundle creation. So I use it and am quite happy with it.
However, one thing is really missing: there are no filters and no other tools/functions in the app that would help you with searching, organizing, editing in bulk or just in any way handle your bundles efficiently once they're created.
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Freshly Commerce已回复 2024年4月2日

Thanks so much for sharing your experiences with us! 😊 We appreciate the feedback on the filters and know that it does take more time than ideal to search and organize bundles. We've already added this to our roadmap and will keep you updated!


It's a great product, but more importantly a great team behind it. The Simple Bundles team has proven responsive and capable in their support, and been open to user feedback. They implemented something at my request in the 2.0 version of their product, and was very impressed with how they did it. As I evaluate the myriad of other apps for different things in Shopify, I'll seek out apps written by Freshly Commerce. The team is fantastic.

Volt Cycle Wear
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Freshly Commerce已回复 2024年4月2日

Thanks so much for your thoughful review. It's been such a pleasure to work with you. I appreciate your feedback and am so happy to hear that 2.0 is working well for you! 🚀


Amazing app that does exactly what I need and is simple to use. However, the customer support is on another level! We had some compatibility issues with shopify where some bundle orders were processed without breaking out the items individually to make it easy for fulfillment, however their coders helped to implement workarounds for me while they wait for shopify to update their code. Very much appreciate incredible service like this, so thank you for a great experience.

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Freshly Commerce已回复 2024年3月11日

Thank you for taking the time to leave our team a review! ⭐️


All I can say is WOW! Been looking for a company to solve an ongoing issue for more than 2 years and voila!. Cherry and David from Simple Bundles were very patient and informative with me and figured out a solution.I'm now off to the races. Thank you Simple Bundles!

All Fresh Seafood
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Freshly Commerce已回复 2024年4月17日

Thanks for your kind review and we'll be sure to pass on your message to Cherry and David. 😊 We're excited to see your business grow with bundles!


We have been trying to find a reliable bundles app, which works well with our theme, offers different bundle options and breaks down the offers clearly at checkout. Simple bundles does the job really well - you can setup multibuys and mix & match deals using existing products. The setup process takes a bit of trial & error to get right, but once you crack it, it works really well. The support is also fantastic and very responsive so if there are any problems, they help troubleshoot very quickly.

Thank you for a fantastic app & service, this has solved a number of problems for our store - would definitely recommend.

SaveCo Online Ltd
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Freshly Commerce已回复 2024年3月11日

We really appreciate your detailed review! Thanks for working with our team and for your feedback. 🙌


We were looking for an app that would allow us to track inventory of small items easily without having to display them as a final product. Simple Bundle allows you to use your own layout and all the 'bundling' can be done at the back. Many others will just add some bundling options that are visible on your website. We wanted the ability to hide all that stuff to our customers. On top of that the customer service was excellent.
Shout out to Stella and Kristine for an extremely fast and professional response every time and Raoul and Orlando from the technical team for all the detailed advice on setting up the app. It is very much appreciated, you guys rock.

Little Party Treasures
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Freshly Commerce已回复 2024年4月2日

Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with us. 🤗 We're grateful for your kind review and shoutout for our support team-they truly are the best.


Great app that does exactly what we wanted. Also great support! Recommend.

Nordic Training Gear
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Freshly Commerce已回复 2024年4月17日

Thanks for your kind words of our team. 😊


This app is a must if you sell bundles and need your inventory on-hand cost and sales-by-components tracked accurately in your bookkeeping. Other bundle apps were either disregarding cost-of-goods-sold of components, or over-reporting on-hand values by calculating on hand of bundles AND their individual components.

The options to run this app with versions 1.0 or 2.0 are awesome - we needed the 1.0 version to be able to include mystery bags and it works great.

The customer support is responsive and thorough, and patient!

My two requests right now to improve this app would be: 1) for the components to show the correct variant thumbnails when building bundles. Right now they show the main product image only, and that gets confusing when you are building a lot of bundles with different variants; and 2) in the search box to add components, if I type in a specific variant name, I only get the main product in the results, and then have to scroll through all the variants to find the one I am looking for. It would be great if the search would narrow now to the variant-level to make building bundles faster (I sometimes build 30 bundle variants per product and scrolling through a yarn with 40 variant options gets tedious).

Knot Another Hat
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Freshly Commerce已回复 2024年3月11日

Thanks so much for your thoughtful review and feedback. We'll pass on your kind words to our amazing support team! 💗


In a world of unkept promises and unhelpful support, Simple Bundles & Kits stands out for OVER delivering on what they say the app can do and providing TOP NOTCH support.

Simple Bundles is a new staple in our long-term operations toolkit.

Barbell Standard
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Freshly Commerce已回复 2024年4月17日

This made our day. Thank you for your kind words and your 5-star review! 🥳