Simple Bundles

Simple Bundles

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Pick and pack bundles or kits with multiple inventory SKUs

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Boost your sales and AOV

Curate product collections to increase sales and AOV.

Build bundles & deals

Build SKU bundles to create starter kits, mystery boxes, gift guides, and more!

Fulfill multi-SKU bundles

The easiest way to quickly pick, pack, and fulfill SKU bundles and kits.

有關 Simple Bundles

Simple Bundles is the fastest way for your business to start selling SKU bundles and kits. With Simple Bundles, you can see all the individual SKUs that make up the bundle so that you can quickly pick and pack the order. You can also send the bundle details to your 3rd party logistic partner or other 3rd party integrations for fulfillment.

Use Simple Bundles to set up and start selling product bundles in minutes!

Build a bundle in 3 simple steps:

  1. Assign an existing product as your bundle product
  2. Select existing products that make up the bundle
  3. Price the bundle at full or discounted price

How bundles work

  • Track the inventory of product SKUs to determine bundle in-stock quantity.
  • View a history of which product SKUs were sold as part of a bundle.
  • Use variants to create multiple bundle options, e.g. colours, sizes, and flavours.
  • Bundles can be priced at full or discounted value and it's contents are automatically discounted to $0.
  • Currently supports only one location.


What types of bundles or kits can I build?

You can build mix and match, mystery, variant-based, pack, combo product, BOGO, discounted bundles, and more! Check out our help centre for some examples.

How can I migrate my bundle data?

We can help bulk import your bundles so you can get your bundles up and running in no time! Just let us know through email or chat.

Is coding required?

No, all you have to do is create your bundle product in Shopify and build your bundle with product/variant SKUs in Simple Bundles. After that, you can start selling bundles right away!

Can I build bundles with products and variants?

Yes, your bundle can contain both products and variants SKUs.

Can I create one bundle with multiple options?

Yes, you can create a bundle with multiple options (e.g. colors and sizes) that your customers can choose from.

How does Simple Bundles work with Freshly?

To track product batches and expiry dates, visit our sister app, Freshly. With Simple Bundles, you can see which SKUs were sold as part of a bundle. This allows you to trace products back to a particular batch or lot they originally belonged to.


We're happy to help through email or chat!


  • Freshly,
  • Order Automator,
  • ShipStation,
  • Trunk,
  • and more!

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  • For stores on any plan
  • Create up to 3 bundles
  • Email support


每月 $19

50% off for stores using Freshly Pro

  • For stores on the Basic, Shopify, or Advanced plans
  • Create unlimited bundles
  • Free migration with CSV data
  • Email & chat support

Shopify Plus

每月 $79

50% off for stores using Freshly Pro

  • For stores on the Shopify Plus plan
  • Create unlimited bundles
  • Free migration with CSV data
  • Email & chat support

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Miniso CA

This is the ONLY bundle app so far in the whole Shopify App Store that could help us pull Mystery Box Bundle (bundle content didn't show on order confirmation). Fair price for a great and simple bundle app, and it's very easy to set up. Customer support is extremely helpful, since our campaign requires a bit of modification. I would love to have a short performance summary on the dashboard although can always pull data from Shopify reports, but it could be an excellent add-in for the app in the future.



Thanks for a great review! 🌷 and we'll be working on the performance summary soon! 😉

Primrose Kitten

Very easy to set up, works to update prices; stock levels and inventory seamlessly. Having 70 different bundles all with different combinations of the same products in this is going to be a lifesaver when packing and keeping track of inventory!



We're so excited to hear that it's improved your workflow ✨ Thanks so much for your 5-star review 😊


The free version is really great so far it would be great if it was able to add more than 3 bundles on the free and some tweaking needed on digital but the support is 5 star and the app is great



Thanks for your kind review of our support and app! 🌷