Cogitari Swatch

Cogitari Swatch

開發者:Huno Labs

Display swatches on products. Drive attention. Increase sale!

5.0 5 顆星(3 評論)

Easy Swatch Customisation

Easy setting page and great customisation presets. This app displays swatches instantly on your page!

Improved User Experience

Let your customers know what color and size options your store offers by eye-catchy swatches displayed on product and collection pages.

Automated Installation

Automated installation for all free Shopify themes. We keep adding new themes support for your needs!

有關 Cogitari Swatch

Cogitari Swatch

An elegant swatch collection. The app allows to display your swatches on collection page and replaces the existing drop-down colour selector on product page with swatch buttons.


  • Alignment
  • Shape
  • Size
  • Border


  • Displaying swatches on collection page, product page or both
  • Supported swatch types: colour, multicolour, image and label
  • Easy swatch customisation (separate for product page and collection page)
  • Aggregates variants by option name for better organization
  • Very fast loading!


  • Fetches of your store's variants and options automatically (no sync required)
  • Changes displayed instantly on your page (no waiting for any caches to reload)
  • Automated installation (no coding!) for all Shopify free themes (new themes upon request)


  • Doesn't slow down your store: loads natively with your theme
  • Easy settings page - no specific knowledge is required
  • 14 days FREE trial
  • No hidden/extra charges
  • Customer Support

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5.0 5 顆星


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Reel Geek

This is exactly the app I wanted for my store. Looks great and the help they provided me during the setup was just perfect. I highly recommand.

Tainiss Beauty

I use the Blockshop theme so the application was not working properly with my theme. But the application contacted me directly by themselves without me even having to send them a message and they fixed the problem for me. The communication is easy, fast and efficient. We exchanged with Karol who in a few explanations understood what we were looking for with the application and the rendering we wanted on our site. This application not only gives a more aesthetic rendering on the website, but also a more attractive look and feel. As well as a much easier user experience.
I recommend this application 100%.


Great app that makes beautiful swatches! It works well and really improved my store. Very easy to set up which is perfect for me - a coding dummy :)