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Simple minFraud

Simple minFraud

Developed by Ryan Alyea

Price: $2.00 – $20.00 / month Free Trial: 30 days More info
  • More Risk Analysis; Adds a riskScore to check for fraudulent orders.
  • Flag common fraudulent actions; or customize and create your own.
  • Save time with auto-capturing of good orders. No need to capture all orders.

Simple minFraud simplifies fraud protection for Shopify storeowners by integrating with MaxMind's minFraud. In just a couple of clicks, it automatically protects your store by distilling customer information into a riskScore, or the probability the order is fraudulent. riskScores range from 0.01 to 99.99, and is the direct percentage of how much minFraud thinks this order is fraudulent. More information on riskScore.

You can also turn on additional flags to check if the credit card is registered to the same country as the customer, or if the customer is doing potentially fraudulent actions like shipping outside their home country.

For more protection, Simple minFraud has two other major features: For pesky "return fraudsters", you can create your own customizable flag list to better bring attention. Secondly, if you use the "authorized" method of accepting payment, you can autocapture any payment without flags. This saves you lots of time by leaving you to manually capture payment for flagged orders only.

Installing Simple minFraud is as simple as a couple of clicks, so start protecting your store right now!

30 day free trial! Your trial is activated through your Shopify invoice. If at anytime you don't like Simple minFraud during your trial, simply uninstall the app and you will not be billed.

The following plan types are available:

  • $2/month: 0-100 monthly new orders

  • $8/month: 101-500 monthly new orders

  • $20/month: 501-1500 monthly new orders

minFraud service is included, no additional fees required!

Custom enterprise plans are available for larger stores including "Bring Your Own" MaxMind Account if you are already using minFraud somewhere else. First install the app, but don't select a plan, and then Email us for pricing options.

This Shopify integration is not related to MaxMind. Simple minFraud uses regular means to detect fraud, therefore we do not guarantee 100% detection and do not provide insurance for chargebacks.

$2.00 – $20.00 / month
30 days

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