KAD Pre‑Order — PreOrder NOW

KAD Pre‑Order — PreOrder NOW


The powerful way to sell pre-orders!

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KAD Pre-Order allows you to never missing out on a potential customer thereby boosting sales


Nice and user friendly interface helps you to set up products in 2 minutes and start selling preorders at once


Partial payments, translations, badges, email and mixed cart notifications are available now

有關 KAD Pre‑Order — PreOrder NOW

NEW UPDATE - 25th of March 2021

The Update is based on your needs, wishes and suggestions that we collected carefully.

  • Partial payment - accept payments as a fixed amount or a percentage of the set price
  • Email and mixed cart notifications - notify your customer about all the terms of purchasing a pre-ordered product
  • Pre-order badges - use badges on the product picture for collection pages
  • Custom CSS - make additional manual customization of pre order app elements
  • New App plans and interface - check out flexible independent plans and more user friendly interface

What is KAD Pre-Order?

KAD Pre-Order is your one-stop solution to manage, track, and monitor pre-orders in an effective and easy way. It allows you to maximize revenue by never missing out on a potential customer therefore boosting sales.

  • Helps you to set up the preorder system without any programming skills within minutes
  • Highly trusted app with over 5000 merchants and 90,000+ pre orders already on board
  • Fast customer and technical support
  • 3 months warranty for refund no questions asked, in case you don’t make any profit with KAD Pre-Order.
  • Easy pre order set up with Wizard

KAD Pre-Order benefits, features and options

  • Pre-order button on the collection and product pages
  • Set up products and product variants separately
  • Translate pre-order texts in your multilanguage Store
  • Schedule pre order period
  • Search by autotag "pre-order" for better managing your orders

Easy management and tracking with the Dashboard allows you to flawlessly work with KAD Pre-Order and Shopify. It gives you the freedom to limit the number of orders and available products. As a result, pre-ordering gives you more control over the supply chain.

How will KAD Pre-Order change the look of my store?

We believe in minimalism, therefore, all our apps only make minor changes to the store. KAD Pre-Order will swap the "Add to Cart" button to "Pre-order now" and will include an additional tooltip message if you want to.

How to start using KAD Pre-Order?

Download and install the app and then leave it to the set up wizard to incorporate itself into your store. It will start working right after installation. You can then change the setting and configurations according to your will.

90 days • 100% Guarantee

  • We will refund you in full if you don’t make a profit within the initial 3 months using the KAD Pre-Order app.


  • Infinite Options by ShopPad

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  • 2 pre-order products with unlimited variants
  • Cart pre-order labels
  • Mixed cart notification


每月 $9.90

  • 5 pre-order products with unlimited variants
  • "Freemium" plan features
  • Schedule
  • Pre-order Badges
  • 90 days • 100% Guarantee


每月 $19.90

  • 15 pre-order products with unlimited variants
  • "Starter" plan features
  • Email notification regarding pre-orders
  • 90 days • 100% Guarantee

Pro/$38.90 Before

每月 $29.90

25% season discount

  • Unlimited pre-order products with unlimited variants
  • "Standard" plan features
  • Partial payment
  • Multilanguage
  • 90 days • 100% Guarantee

* 所有費用均以美元計收。 定期費用接按照 30 天為週期收費,包括每月收費或依據使用量收費。

4.6 5 顆星

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Полезное приложение, Конверсия выросла с помощью этого приложения! Советую всем! Спасибо разработчики_)



Thank you for your review! We really appreciate your user feedback.


Great app! Very easy to install and handle. The fact that it supports multiple languages is another big plus.
The only thing that is seriously missing is a mixed cart warning. I hope this will be implemented in the near future.



Thank you for the great review! Mixed cart notification is right around the corner. New update is coming soon.


Their support is great and fast. They helped me to fix my issue and the user experience for our website has been improved as well. Thank you!



Thank you for your review! We glad that our App helped to improve your business. Looking forward for a long term cooperation with you.