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Simple Push - Web Push & Facebook Messenger Notifications Marketing

Simple Push - Web Push & Facebook Messenger Notifications Marketing

Developed by Streamlined Apps

121 reviews
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  • Automatically grow your subscriber base like crazy through new Web Push AND Facebook marketing channels without having to collect emails
  • Further reduce shopping cart abandonment instantly AND prevent customer's from losing their carts, works well alongside other apps
  • Customizable and ZERO maintenance app that adds incremental revenue to your bottom line; Run marketing like a modern e-commerce giant ; Already used and trusted by 1000's of stores

You asked and we listened

We’ve spoken to hundreds of store owners and one thing is clear: you love discovering apps that help automatically add incremental revenue in NEW ways.

The key word here being “NEW”. We know how frustrating it is to browse through hundreds of abandoned cart and email collection apps just to discover they all do the same thing.

Well we hear ya LOUD and CLEAR, and we’ve got good news.

Web Push and Facebook notifications are new marketing channels that allow you to more effectively obtain and message subscribers than old-traditional email marketing.

So what if it’s new? Is it better than e-mail?

In short, yes. It’s much better and much more effective than email. Customers are 3-4x more likely to opt in to receive Facebook and Web Push notifications than email, and similarly, customers are up to 3x more likely to click a push notification message than a link from an email.

Key Features

Automatic Abandoned Cart Notifications -
Automatically send notifications encouraging a customer to complete a checkout if they have abandoned their cart.

Persistent Cart, Prevent Customers (including anonymous ones) From Losing Their Carts -
Send customers a link in Facebook Messenger to access his or her shopping cart from any device. This Persistent Cart prompt can significantly increase sales by preventing customers from losing their shopping carts when switching devices even when they don't have an account. This feature even works for customers that are not registered on your site.

Instantly Send And Schedule Notifications Through Facebook Messenger and Web Push -
Send notifications to all your subscribers for one time events such as if you were announcing a sale, promoting a new product, or offering a discount code. Since over 50% of e-commerce traffic comes from iOS devices which don't support Web Push, you can reach twice as many customers with our additional Facebook Messenger Channel compared to any app that only supports Web Push!

Exit Intent Prompts -
Offer customers who are about to leave your site an enticing deal to sign up as a subscriber.

Ok, I’m pretty much sold on this app. Are there any other reasons why I should download this app or will my head explode from all the other goodness you’re about to tell me?

We hope your head won’t explode, but we do have alot of other goodness to tell you about.

  1. Everything is customizable and flexible to fit your store’s style

  2. Getting setup only takes minutes AND we also include an onboarding section that explains everything even further

  3. Our team has experience building major shopify app used by thousands of stores so we know what we’re doing, and we have alot more exciting things planned for the near future. We also move fast and love taking into account customer feedback as we build out our product.

Some features coming up include:

  • More automated notifications for key customer events

  • A|B testing notification messages

  • Customer segmentation and targeting



Do you have any links to research or resources that back up some of your claims on clickthrough rates/ ROI?

Will this annoy/spam my customers?

No, here are the reasons why.

  • Push notifications are permission-based, so users must first opt in to receive them. It’s also easy to unsubscribe as each notification contains an unsubscribe option in the settings.

  • Opt-in prompt comes from the browser, making it appear much less invasive than the methods typically used for email collection.

  • Opt-in prompts take us much less space. User’s only need to click a button to opt-in instead of typing in their full email address.

How do I know if this product is right for me? Will it conflict with other products I’m already using?

This product is supplemental and can be used in addition to any existing email marketing, abandoned cart, or persistent cart apps you may already be using.

Support/Additional Questions/Feedback

If you have any questions or need support for your app, feel free to email help@streamlinedapps.com; for feedback or feature requests, please email feedback@streamlinedapps.com.

Simple Push - Web Push & Facebook Messenger Notifications Marketing reviews

121 reviews
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Really great webpush app! It is the best we have tried and we tried pretty much them all.. It is simple to setup and use and it has great features to customize the push popup windows so that they fit your brand/website.


We are using this app from beginning and found no issues or errors so far. Instead they are improving this app constantly by introducing new features. It definitely helped us gaining more sales from Notifications to our store subscribers. Best of Luck!


I've been super pleased with this app and its ease of use. Does what it says and is highly configurable. I've only been using the Web Push portion, but it is fantastic.


This is probably the best Push & FB Abandon Cart Notifications app out there. I am glad that I was one of the many lucky who installed during its beta period.

Three things I have really liked so far are:

1) The app works seamlessly on both desktop & mobile. It does what it says & does it very well. It's very simple to use the app interface & bonus it doesn't charge you anything for custom branding (with your logo).

2) Their pricing & service is very transparent. Unlike many other apps which claim to offer multiple "free" features and then limit users to restrictive options until they ultimately pay for the subscription. These guys are very honest about pricing & the features they offer.

3) Awesome customer service. Nothing impresses me as much as good support. I had a few queries and James was pretty instant in helping me solve these small issues.

Overall, this is an amazing app that every Shopify store should have, period. :)


we use Simple Push for abandoned cart notifications and it works great.


This has actually made me sales! Thank you and God bless!


amazing app. works great. I've gained so many new subscribers which has turned into more sales.


Excelent aplication for my store.


Excellent application. By far the best Push notification app on the market!



From $0.00 / month

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