Simple Sample Data

Simple Sample Data


Generate test data for your store with a single click!

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Generate dummy data in minutes

No more messy import-export files. One click of a button will get your store populated with test products, collections, orders & customers.

3 sample data themes available

Choose from three different sample data themes: clothes, toys & paintings. All test products come with images and full details.

Free for development stores

The app is 100% free for development stores. Also, if you're an agency, SSD will save a great deal of time for you and your customers.

有關 Simple Sample Data

Get Shopify test data into your store in seconds!

Are you a designer working on a new theme & need Shopify dummy data to assess and QA your work?

Or a Shopify theme/app developer tired of importing CSV files with test data into every new store?

If you need your empty Shopify store filled with meaningful sample data, "Simple Sample Data" will do this for you in a heartbeat. Forget about searching for test data CSV files and win your valuable time back!

Free for development stores!

"Simple Sample Data" was initially created to speed things up for our own team. It is now available for the entire Shopify ecosystem. You can also use it for free in your development store to generate dummy data.

Generate sample data with a single click:

  • select from three different sample datasets to populate your store with dummy data.
  • use the "clothes/accessories" theme which supports products with multiple variants (size and color).
  • use the "paintings" theme which supports single variant (option) products.
  • use the "toys" sample data theme which supports single variant (option) products.
  • generate products, smart and custom collections, customers, and orders.
  • easily remove Shopify test data when you are done.

Great support!

We love our app, and we want you to love it too. If you ever need us for support, feedback, or anything else, feel free to contact us - our support team is fast, reliable, and to the point!

Thank you for using Simple Sample Data!



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5.0 5 顆星


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Rush - Demo Store

I wanted to leave a positive review. We are using this app on all stores to generate orders/customers/products. App stopped working, but they fix it quickly and was quite reasonable. Wishing you good luck and only success. This app does not have equivalent on the store. Would love to be able to set a bit more variations, but still do the job!


An excellent app that will help you add dummy Orders/Customers/Products. Great for developers that want to test their apps.

Luise & Fritz

Super helpful.
Products, categories, orders, customers in various quantities with examples of clothes, paintings, toys.
Helped me set up my shop.

Thank you - highly recommended