Simple Seller Protection

Simple Seller Protection


Automatic Paypal Seller Protection–keep your profits protected

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Auto-Sync Tracking Information

Immediately enter tracking numbers into Paypal as soon as products are shipped to automatically qualify for Paypal Seller Protection.

Auto-Reply to Disputes

Win more chargebacks and keep more hard-earned revenue. Many customers issue chargebacks for already shipped items or to score free goods.

Build Account Reputability

Each chargeback lost increases the chance of an account shutdown. Secure funds and avoid Paypal reserves to unlock your cash flow and grow.

Simple Seller Protection 정보

With just one-click, win PayPal chargebacks and prevent account shutdowns.

If you've experienced any of the following issues

  • Lose money to chargebacks
  • Worry about your PayPal account getting shut down
  • Have revenue being held in a PayPal reserve
  • Receive endless PayPal risk reviews

We can help

Simple Seller Protection is the easiest way to prevent these issues from happening — automatically.

PayPal Seller Protection is an official PayPal feature that saves you from losing money to chargebacks. It covers two types of buyer complaints: “Unauthorized Transaction” and “Item Not Received”. BUT PayPal Seller Protection is only enabled if you provide order tracking numbers as soon as an order is fulfilled.

We automatically retrieve tracking numbers from Shopify and enter them into Paypal using official Shopify and Paypal API so your account is secure.


Auto-Sync Tracking information from Shopify to PayPal

We automatically match your Shopify orders with PayPal transactions, retrieve your tracking number, and enter it into Paypal the instant an order is fulfilled. This helps prevent PayPal reserves and account shutdowns.

Automatically Respond to Disputes

Your customers can open disputes whether or not a product is delivered. It takes time to respond to PayPal disputes eats up your time, causes you to lose money, or just doesn't happen, let us help. We’ll respond with proven templates and evidence to win the dispute!

Protect Your Profits

Win more chargebacks and keep more of your hard-earned revenue. Many customers issue chargebacks for products that are already shipped because they had unrealistic expectations for shipping speed. Worse, some have learned they can get free products through unscrupulous chargebacks.

Prevent Account Shutdowns

Ever lost a PayPal account and the money held in the account? Missed a busy sales season because your account was under review? Every chargeback lost, increases the chance of an account shutdown. Every tracking number you entered into PayPal increases account reputability.

Avoid Money Locked in Reserves

It’s disruptive to have your funds locked in a PayPal reserve. Reputable accounts avoid PayPal reserves, unlocking cash flow to grow the business. Build account reputability using Simple Seller Protection by entering tracking numbers as soon as an order is shipped.

More Features

  • One-minute setup - just click install and we'll automatically enter tracking info into PayPal.
  • Protects past orders - we go back and enter historical tracking numbers into PayPal, adding to the overall reputability of your PayPal account.
  • Robust reporting - easily visualize how many orders are protected and how much revenue is protected.


  • PayPal,
  • ShipStation,
  • Oberlo,
  • Dropified,
  • MassFulfill

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Mint & Lily

This is a terrific app. Saves literally thousands of dollars a month and keeps my PayPal account healthy. Highly recommend.