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Simple SEO

Simple SEO

Developed by Hektor Commerce

57 reviews
Price: $20.00 More info
  • No Monthly Recurring Fee - Just a Simple One-Time Payment! then FREE for life time
  • Increase your search engine traffic from Google, Bing, Yahoo, and more
  • Take control over how your products and pages appear in search engines

Are you missing out on search engine traffic?

How many more customers could you have if your shop showed up higher in search engines? Simple SEO app allows you to take control over the way your site’s pages, products, and blogs appear in search engine results. By customizing your meta tags (including author tags), you have the potential to make your site more relevant to potential customers’ searches, get more organic search engine traffic, and make more sales!

How Simple SEO Works?

Hidden in the code of every page on your website are meta tags, which Google uses to determine what to display as titles and descriptions in search engine results. Simple SEO app gives you complete control over these tags, which helps your site show up in search results for keywords that you decide to target.

What is the purpose of Meta Descriptions?

Meta description tags can have an eloquent effect on your search engine optimization efforts. The meta description has the central value:
The meta description you have added to page work as "organic ad-text."

What does it mean? It is that when the particular ads rank for a keyword, Google and other engines will display the meta description as a summary of that particular page on the search engine.
This makes the meta description as valuable as “ad-text”.
A fascinating meta description has the power to increase the click-through rate of your store's organic search results. It means more peoples who watch your page in their search results will actually click through and comes on your site. Consequently, it increases traffic to your store, regardless of your ranking stays the same!
Hence, the meta description is extremely important which you can use to grab user's attention.

  • No coding knowledge necessary!

  • Simple one-click installation!

  • No more monthly fee! Just one-time payment!

  • FREE for lifetime after onetime payment!

Simple SEO support

As a software as a service team, we believe support is the 80% of the total delivery. So it is our promise to you, we will respond back to your support request within 12 hours. Every issue and problem will be addressed with the highest priority.
We also believe in co-creation and community spirit. So feel free to say hello and send us your feedback and suggestions.


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Simple SEO reviews

57 reviews
  1. 5 stars (45 reviews)
  2. 4 stars (5 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (1 review)
  4. 2 stars (0 reviews)
  5. 1 star (6 reviews)

Good app, I had an issue with the plugin integration with site theme, developer fixed it quickly.

Update (June 2018) - 2 years passed, still using it, really good.


It makes the whole SEO process very easy to set up and maintain. The interface is clear and manageable. It's clearly made a difference to our visibility in search engines.


What a garbage..... All of this is already part of shopify app....


Easy to install.
One-time fee.
Covers important SEO techniques that most themes don't offer.

Pain in the butt to edit each individual product; very time-consuming.
Not entirely sure if the work is being saved.
Unsure of if it's actually helping my SEO...long-term game to see any results at all.


I was wrong to think Shopify's built-in SEO features would be sufficient. My store's page titles, keywords or headers could be read by search engines until I installed Simple SEO. If anything I am really disappointed with Shopify in that respect.

I am yet to see results since I have only just installed the app but do yourself a HUGE favour - if you're unsure whether your Store's page content can be read by search engines, find a free meta tag checker online, or a free seo page analyser and you'll know what I mean.

If your page title, keywords and header etc cannot be viewed, just pay the $20 for this app and problem solved. I can directly edit SEO content for any page on my site and it also allows Author editing, unlike Shopify.

Overall I am VERY impressed irrespective of whether or not I am seeing results. The fact this app gives site owners proper access to absolutely vital SEO tools is enough for a 5 star rating. Your real world SEO results will come down to the quality of your SEO work so I won't be reviewing based on that. Good job guys, I am seriously impressed.


I ran into an issue with this app and my theme code, the developers at Simple SEO were able to fix everything and ensure that the app was properly installed and working optimally. Everything seems to be working great now!


Did exactly what I wanted. Allowed me to easily fix the title tags and meta descriptions that were hurting my SEO. Great app.


Nothing special. My theme has it almost everything already.
The support team is not helpful at all. 


3rd store I've used this for. Great, simple app to clean up how we appear in Google results


I love the app. After I activated my security certificate on my site, I notices I was completely gone from google search. It did not even pull up my website when I typed in the link. Even after I resubmitted my my sitemap to Google webmaster. My visitors were dropping like flies. It was a night mare. I am not sure if I received an email about new apps or if I did a search for SIMPLE SEO. I am sure glad I installed it. It took only two days for my website to pop up on the searches. I think it is a great app and I will be putting each one Lexi Butler Designs products through the app, to improve search engine visibility. My customers also have gone up since I am showing up in the searches again through various keywords and also phrases. Thank You SIMPLE SEO...this is a great app!


No monthly recurring charge!

Just a simple one-time payment! for Simple SEO app

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