Shop Workflow Automation

Shop Workflow Automation


Your free virtual assistant, automate your daily workflow

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Automate Daily Workflows

Automate repetitive tasks such as fraud order detection, vendor notification, hiding out of stock products, etc. -> Increase efficiency

Schedule Based Tasks

Schedule based tasks such as daily sales reporting; set and forget -> You can get on top of your store performance anywhere anytime

Save Time

Take daily repetitive tasks off your shoulder by handling them automatically -> You can have more time to refine marketing and grow sales

Shop Workflow Automation 정보

Time is your most valuable resource, and it’s limited. Many growing e-commerce entrepreneurs told us:

"If I could allocate more time to tune my ads and refine my marketing strategy, I would get many more sales. But I have to spend time managing inventory, contacting suppliers, etc. I wish I didn’t have to worry about this anymore, and eventually put my online store on autopilot."

That is why we built Shop Workflow Automation. We surveyed a wide range of Shopify merchants on how we can develop an app to automate some of their most time consuming daily routines and workflows.

How does it work? Consider this app as your virtual assistant whom you can ask to monitor any events and respond with proper actions. For example,

  • Hide out of stock product: When a product is out of stock, the App automatically hides the product from your online store, and sends you an email with the details of the product, so you can plan to restock
  • Publish restocked product: Check all products everyday - if some are restocked, publish them on your online store
  • Dropshipping: Notify dropshipping suppliers when their products are ordered so they can fulfill those orders
  • Fraud Detection: Auto-detect potential fraudulent orders - flag them and receive a notification by email. You can then verify the order before fulfilling to reduce chargebacks

This app will take daily operations off your shoulders, so you can concentrate on growing your sales and scaling your business.

We are proud to be featured by Shopify in "7 Bots to Help Automate Your Business (and Get More Done, Faster)"

"Shop Workflow Automation helps perform everyday business tasks automatically. This free bot can perform actions based on set criteria, cutting out manual workflows. It can even handle complex tasks—combine multiple conditions to trigger a series of actions when all conditions are met."

1 click installation! 0 developers needed!

Automate your day to day tasks, save time and money from today!


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Starter Plan


  • 50 automated actions per month
  • 5 active automation
  • Curated Data Tables for emails
  • Multiple conditions-actions automations
  • Scheduled tasks

Growth Plan


  • 300 automated actions per month
  • 5 active automation
  • All Starter plan features included

Basic Plan


  • 1000 automated actions per month
  • Unlimited active automation
  • All Growth plan features included

Profressional Plan


  • 3000 automated actions per month
  • Unlimited active automation
  • All Basic plan features included

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가장 최근 리뷰

Cross Training Couture

When a certain product was ordered it emailed, so I could take action on the order and the customer.

Spearfishing Store | AQUASMITH

I use this app to match with delivery services which automated notification system for out of stock items. This is hard to do by manually when its busy but automated system may do it perfectly. Love this app!! Thanks a lot!!

Tempted Kensington

Discontinued using this app due to the inability to NOT repost an item if it had a qty greater than zero. There are times we don’t want items posted right away but this app won’t allow that.