Simple Subscriptions

Simple Subscriptions


Recurring orders, auto-billing. Easy & secure customer flow.

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Increase Recurring Orders

Offer subscription plans with optional discounts to increase recurring order volume. Automatic billing with custom schedules.

Quick and Easy Setup

Works out-of-the-box with free Shopify themes. No code editing! Install and start creating subscription plans in minutes.

Customer Portal

Customers can skip shipments and pause, cancel or activate their subscription from a secure portal. No sign-up required.

关于 Simple Subscriptions

With Simple Subscriptions selling product subscriptions and increasing recurring order revenue is as easy as:

  1. Install the app and agree to our free trial
  2. Complete our guided setup (no code editing)
  3. Create custom subscription plans for your products

Thanks to the app's deep Shopify integration, all of this can be done without ever leaving the Shopify Admin portal. Subscription plans can follow custom, recurring schedules like weekly, bi-weekly or monthly and each plan can have a fixed-percent discount. For example, offer customers 7% off each weekly purchase or 5% off each monthly purchase.

Streamlined checkout experience

Customers sign-up for product subscriptions directly from your store using the standard Shopify checkout process. The app works out-of-the-box with Shopify Payments to give customers a native, fast and secure checkout experience.


Offer customers fixed-percentage discounts based on the frequency of customers' recurring orders.


Customer payment information never leaves Shopify so you don't have to worry about credit card details being lost or stolen. Customers must use a secure page hosted by Shopify to update their payment details.

Simple & fast

No code editing is required to setup the app if you are using one of Shopify's free themes and have not made extensive changes. And, if you aren't satisfied, uninstalling the app will not break your store!

The app's required storefront JavaScript loads quickly anywhere in the world via Amazon's content delivery network (CDN). No new API calls are required for customer's to complete their purchases so your storefront stays lightning fast.


Simple Subscriptions currently supports custom weekly and monthly schedules (e.g., every 1 week, every 2 weeks, monthly, etc.). Recurring payments are charged at the time of order creation. This means a 1-month plan is initially charged for 1 month at the time of checkout on Shopify and then billed each month going forward.

Customers automatically receive email reminders to review and update their payment details when payments fail.


At a glance see:

  1. Monthly trends in new and cancelled subscriptions
  2. Monthly view of cumulative active subscriptions

Requires Shopify Payments

Other payment providers are not supported or planned at this time. Shopify Payments is Shopify's in-house (native) payment provider for the Shopify platform.

Additional / new features

Future versions of the app may support additional schedules, pre-payment and more. Please contact our support channel ( if you are interested in these or any other, additional features or have setup questions. We'd love to hear from you!







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1% of recurring subscription orders

  • Create unlimited subscription plans
  • Custom weekly and monthly schedules
  • 100% automated customer billing
  • Super fast storefront JavaScript

* 所有费用均以美元结算。 经常性费用(包括每月费用或基于使用情况的费用)每 30 天收取一次。

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