Simplified Size Chart

Simplified Size Chart


Creating size charts was never this easy!


Easy to install

Get started quickly through our code snippet. The application is compatible with most Shopify themes.

Quick Creation of charts

Makes business operations smoother by reducing manual input and redundancy! Customers benefit from the quick & accurate size information.

Assign Charts through Product

Set up size charts based on product variants & link them with the right products using Shopify Product Tags.

有關 Simplified Size Chart

Most online shoppers face difficulty finding the right sizes as they cannot try out the shirts and trousers they intend to buy. The result is a return of sizes and a lot of hassle that discourages people to go online shopping. To take care of this issue retailers need to have precise size charts that work for them, all the necessary apps and tools that can make their job easier. Simplified Size Chart by Alchemative sets up size charts automatically and links them to your products. This will help to improve conversions and there will be lesser returns. All this implies that you will need less focus on customer support.

So what are you waiting for? Download the Simplified Size Chart app now. No special skills are required to install it. All you need is a snippet code and the user-friendly app will be up and running in no time at all. It will automatically create size charts for individual clothing items. So say goodbye to add each image of different size charts against every product separately. All that hassle will be a thing of the past with Simplified Size Chart. Not only will it help you save time but will also streamline business operations for you.

With this app, you can create size charts for a wide range of products. This feature is particularly beneficial for retailers who have a diverse range of products, as it will help make processes more efficient.

These size charts can be integrated in two ways. Either you can do it on a collection basis or a tag basis. For instance, there is a unique tag for every item and all you need to do is integrate the particular size chart with that unique tag or collection. This will save you the time-consuming task of adding each and every image of size charts. Use the collection name or tag and the size chart of that product will be automatically integrated. Make things easier and enjoy more sales with this useful app.



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