Simplified Store Locator

Simplified Store Locator

af Alchemative

Be more accessible & easy to find!

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Find nearest store

Grab on-road customers by letting them know about your nearest location from their live location.

Tell Customers Where You Are

If your customers know exactly where to find your merchandise, it translates to more sales. Increase sales by listing all your locations.

Add as Many Locations as You W

On the map, you can give details of numerous store locations you have in different cities or anywhere in the world.

Om Simplified Store Locator

Store locator is a must-have feature for merchants today. The app aims to navigate customers to the retail shops by providing detailed address and store locations on the map which are easy to follow. Add the address, get instant directions and there you are - at your desired spot! Adding your location is just a click away.

Merchants are benefiting from this facility and the Shop locator is helping them get the most out of it by guiding customers to their desired shops. If you are not doing that, you are losing a major chunk of the market, potential customers and consequently this must be limiting your sales. So be smart and have it integrated with a matter of minutes. You will be more than happy with the results.

Simplified Store locator is easy to install, user-friendly and packed with amazing features. Merchants can add countless store locations of all their stores in any corner of the world. The advantage is your customers know exactly where to go to find the products you are selling. The location can be added by giving an address or you can pinpoint the location on the map. After adding, you can also give store contact information and complete address.

The biggest advantage is that customers can find the closest store if they provide their current location. So, they do not have to rush to any main branch but can go to one that is closest with instant directions. The details like address, phone and opening hours all help and facilitate the customer experience. Needless to say, the more information you give, the better it will be for customers to find you with the help of maps. Be precise and clear with the location information.

Reach out to your customers!






  • 1 store

Basic PLan


  • 2 to 50 stores

Pro Plan


  • 51 to 500 stores

Ultimate Plan


  • 501 to 2000 stores

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