Simply Insurance

Simply Insurance

開發者:Lucent Innovation

Add Custom Shipping Insurance and earn extra revenue.

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Hidden Income

Your business earns an underwriting income. Th amount is the difference between the amount of money collected from the people as insurance a

Hassle free installation

The installation is quite simple and hassle free, as you have an option for auto installation. Our support team is their for installation.

Gain Customer trust

The Insurance cover provided by you incites loyalty in the customers. They feel valued and appreciated. This leads to more trust & business.

有關 Simply Insurance

Insurance has been around for centuries. Initially, when ships got destroyed in storms, the sailors faced a lot of losses, so they came up with an idea of dividing the cargo among the ships, they can divide their losses too. We thought of the same principle when we came up with the concept of Simple Insurance. It allows you to earn some extra revenue by selling insurance and also makes customers secure that they will get their shipment. It helps the merchant to give their own insurance, instead of involving any third party. This benefits the customers as it assures them a safe delivery of the product and the merchant as it helps them earn insurance money.

Note: Sometimes quick upselling insurance will be a good idea and we prefer to keep this at the cart page/side cart.

Top Features

  1. We manage all the claim requests.

  2. An Insurance claim page for customers through which the customers can send you a claim request.

  3. You can view the Insurance claim which includes images and descriptions. like Damaged product images, Product not received, Any other query.

  4. The ability to prepare insurance plans based on the cart value or the percentage of it.

  5. An email template can be added for all the claim requests.

Special note: We are not an insurance company, but we facilitate merchants to provide customer insurance and can have different insurance amounts and plans based on cart value.

Please connect our support team for migrating from existing EnGarde, Route and any other Insurance app.

Special Note: If you have a side cart/ Minicart, Please get in touch with us for installation.



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  • 50 Insured Orders/month
  • An Insurance claim page of the request for customers.
  • Damaged product images and details.

Basic Plan

每月 $20

  • 200 Insured orders/Month
  • An Insurance claim page of the request for customers.
  • Damaged product images and details.


每月 $50

  • 500 Insured Order/Month.
  • An Insurance claim page of the request for customers.
  • Damaged product images and details.


每月 $100

  • Unlimited Insured Order/Month
  • An Insurance claim page of the request for customers.
  • Damaged product images and details.

* 所有費用均以 USD 計價。
** 定期費用接按照 30 天為週期收費,包括每月收費或依據使用量收費。

5.0 5 顆星


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The Fancy Rock

It was pretty easy to install for more than half of the steps. I had a little trouble towards the end, but I was able to get help right away and John Dee set everything up for me. He was even able to help with other questions I had that didn't involve setting it up. I'm really happy with their service

Crazoulis Glitter & Craft Supplies

I've been using this app for a few months now. It was very easy to install and understand and I would definitely recommend it. :)

Meghan Bo Designs

I just installed this app and it was pretty easy to do myself. I had some issues from my install and John Dee (via the app chat) was so so helpful and quick! He responded almost immediately and fixed the issue which was something I missed during install.