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3. Juli 2024

I have updated my billing accounts to pay for the SMS transactions, but every opt-in request comes back invalid, and my phone receives no code. Fix this and take my moneyyy.

Chaka Clothing Dept.
Vereinigte Staaten
14 tage mit der App
19. März 2024

Not work properly and taht reason to website in not recived order

10 monate mit der App
Lucent Innovation hat geantwortet 1. Mai 2024

This assertion appears unsubstantiated, as our application is utilized by thousands of merchants, rendering such allegations irrelevant.

12. Januar 2024

I have tried multiple apps before finalizing this app. Have been using it for 5 months now and really really happy with it. Mr. Jeet is always available to help with everything that comes inbetween the smooth functioning .. thank you team for working hard for us.

7 monate mit der App
28. April 2024

There is no free plan and limited features to always lie

stores directory
2 minuten mit der App
Lucent Innovation hat geantwortet 1. Mai 2024

Thank you for your feedback. While our application is accessible for free under the FREE plan, it seems there's a misconception regarding the SMS charges. It's important to note that our services are clearly outlined to be billed in USD, with recurring and usage-based charges billed every 30 days.

It's regrettable that there's an expectation for SMS charges to also be free, especially considering that we incur expenses from utilizing other service providers ourselves, which we pay for. It's unreasonable to anticipate the app development company to bear the burden of SMS charges in addition to providing a free application.

11. Januar 2024

It has been a great experience using this app for us. Jeet and team have been supportive for any feature requests and bug resolution. Kudos to the team for building this and providing a seamless experience.

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2. Februar 2024

My widget is not working in other countries except India!

Siya Ayurveda
8 monate mit der App
Lucent Innovation hat geantwortet 12. Februar 2024

Hi there,

I'm reaching out regarding the one-star review you've left. We've attempted to connect with you multiple times via email to address any concerns or issues you may have had, but unfortunately, we haven't received any response from your end. Additionally, we've also sent a store access request, but it appears to remain pending without approval. I've attached screenshots of the emails and the pending access request for your reference.

Thank you.

29. September 2023

Works seamlessly. Customer support is also good. There are certain features that I hope will become available in the future - like merchant wise spam protection customization, phone number blocking (currently only IP blocking is available), but it works fine right now!

8 monate mit der App
9. Oktober 2023

We have been using Simple OTP Login for around the last year. I must say this is the perfect solution for OTP-based logins. The integration was very seamless and quick. The Tech team is very supportive they did a lot of customizations(UI & functional) as per our brand requirements. Also support team is very quick(especially JEET).

Heads Up For Tails
8 monate mit der App
14. August 2023

The "Simply OPT Login" app has proven to be incredibly helpful in reducing the occurrence of fake orders. Its user-friendly interface has made it easy for us to utilize, and the results we've obtained from its implementation have been outstanding. The support provided by the customer care team is also highly commendable.

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9. August 2023

We recently had the pleasure of using an Simple OTP service, and we must say that the experience was truly exceptional. The convenience and security this service provided were beyond impressive. The seamless and lightning-fast delivery of One-Time Passwords ensured that our transactions and account logins were not only swift but also highly secure. The user-friendly interface made the entire process a breeze.

Renee Cosmetics
3 monate mit der App