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27. November 2023

Single had all the resources I needed to launch my online video streaming platform and when I had issues with my theme's compatibility, they were always able to get back to me right away and fix the issue quickly. Even hopping on video calls to help me. All while I was still on the free tier!

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Fast 2 jahre mit der App
6. November 2023

I Love Single.... Joe Pillatsch is the best. He assisted me with getting my music placed in my store... I wish I could send him a bonus. The support and patience is outstanding when you are working with clients that do not know their way around technical issues... I cannot thank you enough Joe.... I send you Love, Light, Peace and Happiness always on your journey....

I Must Confess I Am A Goddess
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2 monate mit der App
29. September 2023

Single app has been a great partner for Cactus Jack / Travis Scott for many years. Their seamless Shopify integration works great, and custom admin interface is super intuitive. We really value their ability to navigate the music reporting landscape, and their team is always available to help. Highly recommend for any musician or creator.

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Fast 3 jahre mit der App
4. Oktober 2023

Amazing customer service/support! I've now used Single on over 20 Shopify stores and have had nothing but good experiences while using their digital reporting, physical reporting and fan club features! 10/10!

Nickelback Official
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9. Oktober 2023

No customer service, no response! The products did not even reach the fans who bought through this application, I don't recommend it! If you don't want to look bad in front of your fans, it's better not to install this app!

Beautiful Humans
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4 monate mit der App
Single, Inc. hat geantwortet 11. Oktober 2023

Hi, Beautiful Humans – Where did you contact us and not receive a response? We work super hard to ensure we always get back to customers and resolve their issues as quickly as possible.

I just checked – It seems our support team tried to reach out to you twice, but we didn't get a response. Did you receive those? If not, then perhaps we had the wrong email address? Our community manager also tried scheduling a meeting with you, but no one showed up to the call.

We have thousands of stores successfully using our products to deliver digital goods to their fans. If something didn’t work with your setup then we're more than happy to help you fix it.

We’re going to continue reaching out to you to try and resolve this issue, but please also feel free to contact us directly at

Bearbeitet am 12. September 2023

Super powerful app, does most of what others can't. Customer service is amazing but their app falls short with videos and video collections. No videos will appear on IOS devices (Iphone, Apple, Macbook) if you have a newer theme (I use "BE YOURS"). This is a DEAL BREAKER if you are in US most consumers have an iphone or use apple products. You will need to hire outside help or use a free theme to make its functions work. Hopefully in the future they will provide support for paid themes.

EDIT 9/12/23 - 5 STARS
Single has the best customer support i've ever experienced. They have been patient and have been helping me through all the steps to ensure the best integration possible with their app. THANK YOU

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Etwa ein monat mit der App
Single, Inc. hat geantwortet 11. September 2023

Thank you for the review and feedback. We really appreciate you noting how our app is differentiated from others like it.

Single’s video tools are compatible with iOS devices. We have several stores using our video products with full iOS functionality. When we looked into your situation, our team determined the issue was a conflict within your specific theme. This occasionally happens so we reached out to your theme's development team to try and partner with them to resolve, but unfortunately they declined.

While we do our best to make our tools compatible with most themes, there are instances where it’s not always possible. Our team is happy to continue to advise you on how to adjust your theme to get the most out of Single. Thank you!

6. September 2023

easy to use for Physical reporting, super fast responses and great customer service all around!

Sacred Bones Records
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4. August 2023

Single straight up came through to deploy my first NFT collection! They did something that had neva been done before for me to get my collection to my fans on Shopify. They communicate well and have great energy!

Ey3am Network
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4 monate mit der App
Bearbeitet am 6. Juni 2023

The staff at Single were extremely helpful in making sure we had everything set up correctly for our recent album release. They went above and beyond, even when our request were last minute and complicated.

The app itself was extremely easy to setup and navigate, which made it effortless to ensure all of our sales were reported correctly.

We will definitely be using Single for future releases and initiatives.

Jonas Brothers
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18. Juli 2023

This app is wonderful. It helped us scale our memberships and easily coordinate them with both our digital and physical products. And customer service was extraordinarily attentive (even on weekends). Highly recommend this app.

Always In The Club
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Fast 3 jahre mit der App