Sitemap & NoIndex Manager

Sitemap & NoIndex Manager

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Manage HTML/XML Sitemaps & NoIndex, NoFollow for improved SEO

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Manage NoIndex & NoFollow tags

Have complete control over NoIndex, NoFollow meta tags for various pages and sections across your entire store.

Manage HTML/XML Sitemap

Full control over your Shopify XML Sitemap with the ability to remove URLs from it, preventing Google reaching them. Generate HTML sitemap

Beat Google algorithm updates

Google is constantly changing its algorithm and ranking factors. Stay ahead of the game as we deal with Penguin and Panda algorithms.

Om Sitemap & NoIndex Manager

What is Sitemap & NoIndex Manager?

Sitemap & NoIndex Manager gives you complete control over NoIndex, NoFollow meta tags and your Shopify generated XML sitemap.

Also included is the ability to generate a HTML version of the Sitemap so Google will easy find and crawl your store.

Applying NoIndex will tell search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo not to crawl those pages and stops them being indexed.

So with our app you are in control of visibility and content creep.

Generate HTML Sitemap

Our app generates a HTML version of your XML Sitemap so you get the ultimate sitemap package in one app.

What pages can I apply NoIndex, NoFollow to?

You can apply NoIndex, NoFollow to pretty much any page on your store.

What pages can I remove URLs from the Sitemap?

You can remove URLs from the sitemap in the following sections; products, collections, blogs, pages and articles.

NoIndex Any URL

We've recently added a new feature that gives you the ability to NoIndex pretty much any URL.

You can also set up rules up so you can NoIndex URLs that contain certain words.


Complete control over your XML and HTML Sitemap.

How will this app benefit my store?

Managing your sitemap is very important for SEO reasons.

A sitemap is a document full of links to pages, products, blog articles and other content that helps search engines crawl your store and index it into its search results. It helps with search engine optimisation by making it easier for search engines to organise and find content on your store.

You may not want all pages being indexed because there can be many different versions of the same page which causes duplicate content issues. Your store can be penalised and have its ranking lowered as a result of duplicate content.

By using our app you can exclude pages from your sitemap and apply NoIndex, NoFollow meta tags to them so search engines stay away, safeguarding your stores rankings.

Fix Duplicate Content Issues

This app will help you fix duplicate content issues your store could be facing, resulting in lower rankings and being penalised by Google.

Tackling this issue will ensure your store keep its rankings which will result in customers finding your store higher up in the search results. More customers = more revenue.

One Click Installation

You don't need to edit your theme, once you install our app you're ready to go!


If you need any help please do not hesitate to get in touch with us! We're always willing to listen to feedback and update our app.



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Ashton and Finch

Well what can I say... I could write an essay of how good this app is! It's solved all my code based SEO issues.
The customer support well.... Fantastic...David went above and beyond to help us set everything up. If you buy one app this year, this has got to be it!!


Great app with the nice support team. I tried this app for Sitemap and NoIndex, NoFollow and most importantly, for SEO purposes, which made my life easier. Keep up the good work, guys.


It is the best HTML sitemap generator app to boost search engine traffic. It enables users to find a page on my site that is what they are looking for, and hence it increases my sales.