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29 de maio de 2019

i just started using it minutes ago. We will see how it turns out. Just wish the paid plans were monthly basis. not yearly billed.

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6 meses usando o app
sixads deixou uma resposta 29 de maio de 2019

Thanks! However, we surely have monthly plans too. Check the other tab ;)

3 de dezembro de 2020

je viens d'installer cette application, ont peu gérer l'appli manuellement ou laisser la machine le faire pour vous, simple.
comme je viens de l'installer je ne connais pas encore le résultat de l'application. quelque bug d'écriture de texte. Pour la publicité sur Facebook pas encore testé payant et idem pour Instagram etc.
5 meses usando o app
28 de abril de 2018

Just installed this app. So it is still new and I am still getting use to it. Only major or not so major issue is that it did not get all the info from my inventory such as what type of product it is and whether male or female or unisex. So now I have to go through the whole list that I have selected to correct and input the right product info. A bit tedious but I hope my ads will show up and work on bringing in some new potential customers and vice versa on my web store. Giving 3 stars as of right now because it is still so new for my store.

Yummylook Com
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4 meses usando o app
18 de junho de 2018

This seems like a nice and easy to use app. I think it would be great if it offered a free trial for more advertisement to help people get started a bit quicker with advertisement and marketing products, then afterwards have a free plan and the paid for plans. I like that it is easy to load and change information and easy to publish the ads with just a button or two.

All Good Megamarket
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4 meses usando o app
13 de maio de 2018

Nice layout and easy to use/understand. Just started using it so I will write a second review in a few days to let you know how effective this app is for businesses.

Kslabs Store
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4 meses usando o app
5 de setembro de 2018

Just trying this app for now, We shall see how this goes! Hopefully it can bring more traffic!

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4 meses usando o app
20 de fevereiro de 2019

I do not have any experience with this service......................................................

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3 meses usando o app
Data de edição: 1 de outubro de 2018


Je n'ai pas encore utilisé Sixads mais je pense que c'est une très bonne application pour aider les boutiques à se faire connaître.


Achats simplifiés
3 meses usando o app
27 de maio de 2019

Good app! I like the idea of it and think it could be really beneficial for some already established stores that are already getting traffic.

What Fashion Wants
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3 meses usando o app
12 de junho de 2018

Just Got the app, looks great now lets see some traffic. Will change rating in 15days.

Dogsmerch Boutique
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3 meses usando o app